thunderbold display

  1. WangRicky

    USB-C to HDMI adapter NOT WORING

    Hi there,my laptop has two TB3 port,no HDMI port,so I ues a USB-C to HDMI adapter for monitor,but when I plugging monitor HDMI in adapter,It's not working,then I try to plugging the monitor before boot laptop,It's not working too,and I get a kext panic. My TB3 is Intel Titan Ridge JHL7540...
  2. letsbuildahackintosh

    Older Asus Thunderbolt AiC supported in most recent MoBo?

    Is anybody here who has tested whether a ThunderboltEX II Card is supported by current Asus motherboards with latest firmware? The most logical combo would be using a EX 3 AiC, tho. I have an Asus Prime z370-a motherboard with no AiC to it, yet. I am about to pick one soon. I am asking bc I own...
  3. Sicomany

    Working Build with Thunderbolt-Display

    Hi, i wanted to share my experience with my Hackingtosh build regarding the Thunderbolt-Display. First of all yes it works. Not just the display but also FaceTime Camera, speakers and USB + Thunderbolt hub. It took quite some time to get everything work most important these are the Parts that I...
  4. julio764020

    Where can I connect ThunderboltEX 3 Header Cable on Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7

    Hi! I've been trying to make the Thunderbolt work for a while. I tried already 3 different motherboards but I read that this will work. Just want to make sure that, if I connected to the USB 2.0, it will work. I'd appreciate a lot your help thanks.
  5. Vikbl4ckowlz

    Universal audio thunderbolt/thunderbolt screen

    Hello, I am pretty new in hackintosh but I want to share my setup with you : Gigabyte z270 Gaming K3 Intelcore I7700k Zotac gtx 1050 mini 2gb Samsung 960 EVO M.2 500 Go Corsair Vengeance LED White DDR4 2 x 16 Go 2666 MHz CAS 16 Noctua NH-U12S Seasonic M12II Evo - 520W Fractal Design Define R6...
  6. afree

    Using thunderbolt monitor but with discrete graphics support?

    I have a GA-Z270X-UD5 with on-board graphics and Thunderbolt 3 which is currently running my Thunderbolt Display. I also have a gtx1060 installed running two other monitors. The on-board graphics is the only thing that I can get to power the thunderbolt display though. Is there any way to...
  7. Pineapple68

    Apple Thunderbolt display: video/boot issues

    Hi, I am starting using the TB display with a z270 itx Asrock "Fatality", a mini-itx format with Thunderbolt 3 door. The igpu is a hd530 from an i7-6700k. After a pair of days of test I see that: it not start every time: sometime yes, sometime I have to reboot the hack pro, and/or unplug...
  8. skyegreen42

    Thunderbolt Display audio, USB, ethernet, and the webcams cut out after ~15 minutes

    Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm led to believe that it might be the thunderbolt card, but I'm not sure (mainly because everything works fine under Windows) Is there anything I can do to remedy this situation? Motherboard: X99A-II CPU: i7 5820K RAM: 16GB DDR4 Power Supply: 600W EVGA...
  9. Ishana

    Thunderbolt display hub and Webcam/Facetime camera

    Hi, I have attached a thunderbolt display to the thunderbolt port. Everything works fine. After booting I could use the hub, webcam audio, microphone and all ports. But after sleep/hibernate all display peripherals gone. I could only use the display without hub and so on. Any tipps or...