1. sondar

    Unable to disassemble *.aml ( DSDT, SSDT )

    Hi everyone.. I was going through the forum @ ~/Forums/Installation/DSDT to find or understand the issue that i am facing while disassembly of DSDT, SSDT. I came across the post - here @VioletDragon just fetched the users's...
  2. veggiedev

    WIFI card for thinkpad x1 carbon hackintosh

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a wifi-bluetooth card for my gen 2 x1 carbon, and I have seen a wifi-bluetooth card from a 13 inch 2013 macbook pro, which seems to be a fit for the m.2 in my device. Would that work out of the box? Thank you
  3. DW1820A

    Install Dell DW1820A (Broadcom BCM94350ZAE)...

    Install Dell DW1820A (Broadcom BCM94350ZAE) Wireless AC/Bluetooth 4.1 PCIE In Mojave (Successfull) ***Almost STABLE Currently Testing New Methods*** Hey guys I just wanna let you know I tapped out and I won't be searching on this topic anymore I went another route. I bought an actual airport...
  4. tijoladarelax

    Lenovo ThinkPad L412

    Hello there, i am trying to install Mavericks on my L412. I cant find the mavericks os, on app store anymore. Is this still working with unibeast?
  5. cyberdogg

    Lenovo x220 ThinkPad (i5-2520) with FileVault

    There is a well known guide to Hackintoshing and installing High Sierra on the x220 by McDonnellTech. The only problem is that it doesn't allow for FileVault encryption of the hard disk. And for many encryption is a must. The problem is revealed after following the guide and then encrypting...
  6. shockingpants

    [Guide] Thinkpad X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) 20LD with Mojave

    (Adapted from High Sierra with Mojave updates) I am writing this mini guide for the Thinkpad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen to document my installation process and help others along the way. This guide is by no means complete as I don't know why I do half the things I do. But if you are willing to spend time...
  7. jamesthedude

    Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga s1 problems with hd4400

    Hello, I'm trying to make my thinkpad into a hackintosh. I'm having problems with the hd4400. I'm a newbie and I've tried to patch my dsdt file. I'm going to attach my compressed efi folder. (I've tried patching my dsdt file), I couldn't do any SDST files because of compilations errors. I've...
  8. demonsked

    Need help with Lenovo Thinkpad L380 NVME SSD

    Hello everyone. I just received new Lenovo thinkpad l380 laptop. I have used my clover usb drive (it helps me to install HS on my HP ProBook 430G4). Booted into clover - > select install macOS -> but HS installer doesn't see Lenovo internal NVME drive. I made SSDT_NVMe-Pcc.aml. Doesn't help me...
  9. shockingpants

    [Guide] Installing 10.13.6 High Sierra on the Thinkpad X1 Yoga (3rd gen)

    I am writing this mini guide for the Thinkpad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen to document my installation process and help others along the way. This is by no means a complete guide as I don't know why I do half the things I do. But if you are willing to spend time combing the forums, you will find an...
  10. macorange

    Lenovo Carbon X1 Gen 6, T480 or Yoga 920

    Hello, I am considering to buy a Thinkpad and Hackintosh it. Any success in running Hackintosh on any of the three Thinkpads? Which one do you recommend? Thanks
  11. hifox

    Lenovo ThinkPad T480

    Hi all, i play with the thought of buying the all new T480 Lenovo ThinkPad. Since the notebook is pretty new on the market i don't suspect there is a full coverage of all its features under macOS. I have a few questions about the compatibility up to date: 1. Graphics: There is an option to buy...
  12. MauriceBelay

    Stuck on End random seed +++ High Sierra Lenovo Thinkpad X240

    Hi Guys, I've just bought a Lenovo Thinkpad X240 because I saw this guide on this forum : And this one to create the USB drive ...
  13. JD31

    Is the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E330 (NZSDSGE) compatible?

    Hello! I have never built a hackintosh nor do I have much experience with MacOS in general. I have been lurking on this forum for a couple of months and now that I could get a hold of a very cheap Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E330 (NZSDSGE), I was thinking of going with a hackintosh instead of Linux...
  14. Timmuzz

    Installation proces stuck at "Start Randomseed End Randomseed +++++++"

    Hello all, I'm trying to update my Lenovo Thinkpad T530 to High Sierra. For this reason, I created a bootable USB using Unibeast, with UEFI & Nvidia boot settings. As I'm starting the "Install High Sierra" from the Clover menu, the installation starts it's process. However, it remains stuck...
  15. arcticbear07

    Unexpected PARSEOP_NAME - DSDT patching for Thinkpad X1C6

    Compiling the DSDT for the Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen yields the error below. Please help EDIT: attached DSDT.dsl
  16. macpro1000

    ThinkPad X1 Tablet

    Hello, Has anyone gotten High Sierra to work on this laptop? I have a ThinkPad X1 Tablet type 20GG, the specs are similar to the HP Elite 1012 g1. My specs are: - Intel Core m5-6y57 - 8GB RAM - Intel 515 Graphics I know WiFi won't work without swapping the card; I will gladly settle for a USB...
  17. just6

    Os Sierra wifi will not work

    Can some one make or tell me what kext to use to make my Intel advanced 6205 work on my os Sierra hackantosh?
  18. Jer3780

    Installed High Sierra on thinkpad T410s

    I got it installed and mostly working. I have 2 main issues so far. The first is that The sound doesnt work. The second is that the graphics have some issues. There is a lot of flickering when logging in and I get a flickering white box under the cursor when I move it. I do have a 3rd issue. The...
  19. prototypeDCB

    [solved] - An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running this application again.

    Hello everyone. I followed the official guide to install High Sierra on my T470, but after a long time booting I see this screen when trying to install the OS. I formatted the partition using Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as indicated. This is a partition on an NVME SSD. I have also installed...
  20. Sniki

    [Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad X240

    Overview Welcome to my Lenovo Thinkpad X240 guide, this guide is based on the latest macOS Sierra. for macOS High Sierra guide, you can click the link down below to go to my Lenovo Thinkpad X240 macOS High Sierra guide: This...