thin mini-itx

  1. Bz16

    [Solved?] i5-8400 on H310 M-ITX: Advices appreciated on First Build

    Hi, I decided that I will try to build a medium-duty machine (no gaming/intensive job/OC) that can fit into a Mac Mini enclosure to replace my veteran mid-11 MBA. Let's not talk about Mac Mini enclosure for a while (cooling is rather hard XD) but the key components themselves. I will use this...
  2. maggemagge

    Getting USB-C in a DNK-H?

    Hello! I've been looking into Luna Designs case DNK-H: I really love the design and size, the only problem is that i need a USB-C connection to be able to run my audio interface(apollo twin duo TB). They suggest buying a thin mini-ITX board, but there are...
  3. YannInParis

    Thin Mini-ITX and NUC

    Hi Tony, Thanks again for this brilliant web site. Why not add in your Buyer's Guide, detailed topics about : - "small" mac minis, using thin mini-itx motherboards ? - even smaller : NUC ? Take care.
  4. mykuls

    Thin Mini-itx advice

    Does anyone have any advice or knowledge about the benefits/drawbacks of the Intel DQ77KB vs the Gigabyte GA-H77TN? Planning a case mod using a thin mini-itx (and an NES, IIgs, or eMac). Thanks!