1. SilconHAckintosh

    It's not a real Hackintosh without this Clover startup sound

    DOWNLOAD WAV FILE Put this .WAV into your /EFI/CLOVER/themes/Your_Theme_Name
  2. HATCH

    NVRAM Fossils from old build ruining fresh install (macOS High Sierra)

    First time poster/long time reader. I really appreciate this community and admire your knowledge and willingness to help each other out. I've read many other threads that seemed to relate to my issue but was never able to fully resolve anything. So here I am. I had a successful first build that...
  3. TripleA

    [Theme] Original with yosemite style

  4. greenbelly

    Clover theme messes up my configuration?

    Hi and sorry if I don't explain this correctly, I am new at this. I finally managed to get clover to work as I wanted (auto-boot after 3 seconds waiting time) clover is installed on EFI partition. So I thought of changing the way it looks using Clover Configurator. As soon as I installed a...
  5. Zokunei

    Chameleon Wizard themes

    The server(s) Chameleon Wizard tries connecting to seem to have been shut down for a while now. Is there any way we can get the themes that used to be hosted there? Specifically, I'm still fond of the "I'm a Mac" (from Mac vs. PC ads) theme. I accidentally deleted my Extra folder yesterday when...
  6. Pandorica

    Flavours App Mavericks Compatibility?

    Hello all, I recently attempted to use the "Flavours" app on my 10.9.3 Hackintosh. I applied a theme to my system, the computer froze, and I had to do a hard restart. Has anyone had any experiences with this app in the past? Alternative applications? Thank you!
  7. arrontaylor

    Favorite Chameleon Theme?

    I haven't really seen a lot of themes for the chameleon bootloader, so are there any out there that I haven't seen that you guys are using? I'm just using one of the standards that come with Chameleon Wizard. If anyone has made any custom themes it would be cool for you to share them!
  8. Kidney05

    I don't have an org.chameleon.boot.plist file... I'm not sure how to install one...

    Hey everyone, I don't have an org.chameleon.boot.plist file on my hackintosh. It is not in /extras. I'm not sure how I missed it in installation, but everything works fine-- my machine boots, doesn't freeze, so i'm not sure where I missed out. I'm trying to get my screen resolutions to work...