1. djedey

    How to Disable NVIDIA to reduce heat and extend battery life (Yosemite on Toshiba P850)

    Hello Every one, With the Help and Support of RehabMan i was able to install Yosemite on my Laptop Toshiba P850 including : Power Management for my Ivy Bridge CPU on 7 Series Motherboard Brightness fix for the HD4000 Intel Graphics Sleep Fix Audio ALC280 Working great (just line-in input not...
  2. iFission

    GIGABYTE GTX 760 Temperature at 50 degree

    Hello everyone, First post here! :P Recently I assembled a hackintosh based on the guides on this site. Full specs: Case NZXT H440 Green Black PSU Corsair CS650M Watt Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H97-D3H LGA 1150 CPU Intel Core i5-4690 GPU Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 RAM Corsair Vengence...
  3. juanjullian

    Overheat CPU problem Mavericks 10.9.3 Probook 6470b

    Hi, i have a probook 6470b with i5 3210m All installed successfully, create ssdt with SSDTPRGEN.SH (latest version). in some cases of work, some of them using EOS utility 2 for controlling camera during movie shooting, some of them transcoding video from Final Cut Pro X (that uses almost...
  4. davidmwd

    HWMonitor - CPU Heatsink Not Updating

    My internal temps are ranging from 30-40 c which seems normal. CPU Heatsink registers as 73 and never changes. The CPU fan is functioning and the heatsink is not hot to touch so I don't think it's a hardware issue. Safe to assume it's a software bug? Anyone else experience this?
  5. nishant98

    Software to check CPU temperature on OS X?

    I just upgraded from the stock Intel cooler to a Corsair H55 and I want to check my CPE temperature on load and idle, so far all the software I have tried using haven't worked on my hackintosh specifically. Is there a software that anyone can recommend that is guaranteed to work..? Any help is...
  6. fenderman00

    High Temperature of Motherboard shows in HWmonitor

    Hello, this his my first post about Hackintosh. I run a Gigabyte EP45DS3P under Mountain Lion 10.8.5, with a DSDT file. I installed the FakeSMC with plugins included in multi beast. When i take a look in HWMonitor, is seems that my motherboard is about 126 °C ! Is it a bug or have I a...
  7. nicomoog

    Cpu over temperature error when rendering with premiere cs6

    [SOLVED] Cpu over temperature error when rendering with premiere cs6 How can anyone help me? this is the thing when i'm rendering/ exporting video with Premiere CS6 the system shuts down and when i turn it on again MB shows CPU OVERTEMP ERROR. What is funny is when im running premiere in...
  8. Brayo

    A program for watching temperatures and CPU usage

    Hello guys i tried iStat Pro but it doesn't work on my hackintosh, can any of you please recommend me an app that works on OSX? My Hackintosh: GA Z77x-UP5 TH i7 3770K EVGA Nvidia GTX 680 SC 2gb 16gb RAM OSX 10.8.3 Windows 7 Thanks in advance
  9. scottgm

    Temperature Monitoring - Z77-DS3Hm + i7 3770K

    Hello All, I've got a successful 10.8.3 build, everything works how I want it but i'm now looking to over clock the CPU a bit so i'd like to keep an eye on the temperature of various components. Unfortunately Istat, HWMonitor and Temperature Gauge can only decect my hard drive's temps :( I've...
  10. killacam7478

    Overclock Suggestions - Push/Pull Setup, Heatsink Temperatures, Prime95 (i5 3570K, UD5H)

    Hi, first, sorry for the second post, tried editing my first one and it doesn't seem to work. I realized there is Prime95 for Mac after my last post in this forum. After running the torture test on that program, I saw my temps shoot up a lot (as expected). I originally wasn't going over 60...
  11. Jandals

    GA-Z77X-UP5-TH Partial Success

    Hello Community, I've put together my first hackintosh and am hoping for some insight on a couple of lingering oddities. If anyone has answers of advice, I'll be glad to see it. I'm going to be as explicit as I can because I think it could be helpful for others to see what worked for me and...
  12. OneBlueSky

    A few Temperature questions

    I've searched in a few places, and it may just be my wording, but I can't find anything telling me exactly what I want to know. So forgive me if this has been asked before! I am mostly curious if running on Mountain Lion, my desktop will still have it's temperature safety features? I know...