1. majda107

    System uptime in nanoseconds ERROR Please help

    Hello, I installed clean OSx Sierra hackintosh by Unibeast on 120GB SSD. Just normal installation without problems, I downloaded multibeast and installed Legacy Clover and everything works with only boot arg - dart=0. I was wondering about dualboot on one disc, so i made new 50GB partition and...
  2. maikie1

    System Preferences Under Apple Icon does not work

    Hi all, I have strange "error" in my Mac Os Sierra (latest). Whenever i want to start up system preferences via the apple icon it does not show the preferences pane. Instead i see some very little movement in the dock and then nothing... If i start the system preferences via the dock icon it...
  3. epetersson

    Error loading operating system, sabertooth z77

    Hi! I've succesfully put sierra on my kingston 32gb in through unibeast, but upon booting from it, I get the message "Error loading operating system" on my monitor. I have an asus sabertooth z77 set to default settings in bios. I've followed the list for recommended bios settings, I've...
  4. Flayvahz

    Changing System Definition

    Hi. I'm new to the mackintosh scene and am very clueless as to how to fix this error. From a post that I have posted previously, A reply told me that there was an error with my system definition. Im currently running on 10.11.6 and If anyone could help me understand how to correctly change my...
  5. Shiggitay

    Considering Getting This Old LGA 775 System ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ So, I know that hardware is circa 2009 or so, but I'd rather not mess with my working Ivy Bridge machine to mess with Hackintosh stuff (i.e. MacOS Sierra coming out sometime today). It's...
  6. JoaquinSanchiz

    [SOLVED] Stucked on Gigabyte logo screen (Serious Problem)

    Hi guys I had some problems with the new El Capitan update. I could boot the system on safe mode, but now suddenly I can not even reach the bios configurator, I am stucked on the Gigabyte logo and I seriously do not know anything to do. I have tried removing the Nvidia graphic card and the...
  7. coltran

    Prebuilt Hackintosh compatible systems (just requiring OSX installation) are now available on Amazon

    A variant of the CustoMac Mini is here: and a variant of the CustoMac Pro is here:
  8. Apevia21

    Wrong System Icon Showing in Finder

    Hello, I have my computer running with the system definition MacPro5,1 and that is what it says and shows in system information. But in finder it shows an image of an iMac, however when I right click the icon and click get info it correctly shows a mac pro. When I am in a different user account...
  9. bergg

    System extension cannot be used

    Lost permissions I'm getting countles series of similar looking error when asigning myself as the owner to the system drive (right click, unlock, hit "+", add meuser, apply to enclosed folders, errors: "The system extension “/System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPlatform.kext” was installed...
  10. jarlenfos

    Web development/graphic design machine - Looking for some advice

    Hey all, I'm new here, looking into building a system to replace my very very old iMac. I'm sure i'll be spending a lot of time around here nutting things out. My situation is this, I work for myself as a web developer/graphic designer. I have absolutely no interest in gaming. Apart from my day...
  11. discjunkie

    How do I change my system definition?

    I'm currently running my hackintosh as an iMac but this is not supported by Nvidia's web driver. How can I change my system definition to some sort of Mac Pro? I've tried simply using multibeast and also clover configurator which I haven't been so successful in understanding so maybe I'm just...
  12. sentur

    How best to make a SSD and HDD hybrid?

    I've got a new 500GB SDD drive and a 1.5TB SATA HDD. And wondering for recommendations on the best way to use both drives together for maximum performance. Prior to upgrade I have a 128gb SSD and 1.5TB SATA HDD. I had the OS and /Applications folder on the SSD and all of my /Users/ and other...
  13. manolisep

    OS X Yosemite System freeze

    I am having a little problem with my Yosemite 10.10.3. Audio, Graphics, Boot is working fine, but sometimes my system freeze completely and i need to restart my computer. It don't have a time to do that crash. It happened any time, using or not using the pc. My PC config: MotherBoard: Gygabite...
  14. Rayx

    GTX 970 won't boot on Yosemite :/

    I installed Yosemite, there was some issues solved now but I decided to plug a new GTX 970 and here is all what happened...
  15. mrchow19910319

    Duo Boot Hackintosh Build questions. Please Help!

    Hello Guys, this is my upcoming build. I am going to customize a duo-boot Hackintosh. 2 SSD for the operating systems. HDDs for the data as well as TimeMachine. At listed I have two questions I wanna ask. Any suggestions will help. Thanks! Components: • SSD1 120G OS X System • SSD2 120G...
  16. seanfarr788

    What would be a my "premade SMBioses" (system definitions) be?

    Hello, I'am currently experiencing general freezes every now and then and have been advised to alter th SMBioses as it will reduce them. However i'am uncertain which is best for me. my machine: Intel Core i5 4690k Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 AMD HD7970 8GB DDR3 RAM Thanks :)
  17. SAMEH209

    Is my system hackable?

    Hi all, I've a desktop pc that's a bit old..however I'd like to try Yosemite/Mavericks on it. M.B: GA-G41MT-S2P CPU: Intel Core2Duo E7500 2.93 GHz RAM: 4GB DDR3 VGA: AMD Readon 5570 HD 1GB (connected to a Samsung monitor using HDMI..running on 1920x1080) Thanks!
  18. alex95sv

    Building a new hackintosh (using the buyer's guide)

    Hello people! I recently sold my Hackbook (Acer Laptop and it had OS X ML) and I've been wanting to move completely to OS X as my main OS. So, I figured since I have to buy a new computer, why not choose parts that will make the usage of OS X on a PC as painless as it can be, and I decided to...
  19. CookieCrumbs

    Should I update Mavericks to 10.9.3? If so/not why? Future references too!

    Hi! Today, I saw that there was an update for Mavericks onto 10.9.3. Should I take the update? Here are some questions I want to find out the answer to: If I update will it break the hackintosh? Should I update to 10.9.3? Should I wait for any experts to test it out? Where can I find people to...
  20. JoshMB

    GA-Z87X-UD5 TH hangs on startup

    The machine was chugging along just fine. Did some basic work in the box (cable management, etc.), and tried (and failed, but that's a diff story) to install Windows on a separate disk. (The goal was to enable Thunderbolt on the board. I had problems with my Windows install disk, and eventually...