surface pro

  1. Zarkex

    HiDPI on Surface Pro 5 (2017)

    Does anyone know how I can enable HiDPI on my Surface Pro 5 since everything is very tiny. Do I need to InjectEDID in Clover config or not? I'm running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Thanks.
  2. Razak87

    Surface pro 6 - Kernel panic After 6 seconds.

    Hello everybody. I am trying to install 10.14 on a Surface Pro 6 (release in oct 2018). Some owners of Surface Pro 5 have successfully installed (guides in links) Mac Mojave and High Sierra. I stuck in Kernel Panic and even it froze before showing the Kernel Panic message. The process stops...
  3. Leo-MacOS

    Unreadable screen when trying to fix plus sign line problem

    Hi, I am a newbie, recently i am installing Sierra 10.12 to my surface pro 4 m3. When i trying to fix the plus sign line, i deleted that OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi from drivers64UEFI folder. (2 version is tried but "Using reloc block: no, hibernate wake: no", following by plus sign line). It...
  4. DJDuckVenom

    No Acceleration on Intel HD 520 on Surface Pro 4

    Hi all. I'm having problems accelerating my Intel HD520 on High Sierra. I have a surface pro 4 with an i5 6300u and 8gbs of RAM. After clover boots up I see the apple logo for about 15sec with the status bar moving. However the screen then goes black but the backlight is still on. I ran it with...
  5. kasobimail

    how to solve unstable Audio on Surface pro 3 i7 when running Sierra 10.12.4

    My surface : Intel Core i7-4650U, 8gb Ram, Intel HD Graphics 5000, Realtek High Definition Audio Installed Sierra 10.12.4 I use the latest version of VoodooHDA.kext and VoodooHDA.prefPanel Audio (Sound out put and input ) are very unstable: I usually lost Audio. Install VoodooHDA.kext again...
  6. pdgonzalez

    Video lag when moving cursor on Sierra

    I'm running Sierra 10.12.4 on a first gen surface pro. When watching videos in a web browser, the video lags when I move the mouse cursor. Everything is fine when the mouse is still. Videos play fine in quicktime. Very strange interaction and I haven't been able to find a solution.
  7. kaneorotar

    [HELP] Installing El Capitan on Surface Pro 2

    [Solved] Installing El Capitan on Surface Pro 2 Hi All, I'm trying to install El Capitan on my Surface Pro 2. I downloaded the latest (3346) Clover to my USB drive and put the kexts and drivers to 'kexts' and 'drivers64UEFI' folders as follows: kexts/Other: FakeSMC.kext (RehabMan's...
  8. c0nartiste

    OSX on a Microsoft Surface Pro

    I was having a look at Microsoft's Surface Pro Tablet Specifications and I was thinking, I am really interested in helping the community hack the device to turn into a ultra portable OSX experience. I think the Pen input would help a lot with the OSX UI interface. If you have a look at the...