supermicro x10dai

  1. jandypants

    1x E5 2696 v4 = flawless. 2 x E5 2696 v4 cpu=no

    Hey everyone, I've asked this question on another thread but it's buried and might even be hijacking it so in respect to that OP I'll ask it here. Apologies in advance if I over stepped the protocol... Tried as I might I just can't get my 2nd CPU working. Any help would be most appreciated...
  2. HP1

    Have this PC already, will it change to a hack?

    Updating post after more research.
  3. sansdickgem

    Dual Socket 2011 + Thunderbolt

    Are there any dual socket 2011 boards that also support thunderbolt that have been successfully hackintosh'd without any weird lag or missing core issues? I can't seem to find any one who has pulled it off so far. As far as I can there are only two familes of boards that use both thunderbolt...