1. Novecento88

    Dell XPS 9560: High Sierra installation stuck on "Waiting on <Dict ID="0">...

    Hi guys! First things first: I'm a complete newbie in the world of Hackintosh. I'm trying to install High Sierra on my XPS 9560, but, as the title says, I'm stuck at this point. I created a bootable USB with Unibeast on a real Mac, following the guide on this forum and you can find my laptop...
  2. choomaque

    Can't boot after installation

    I'm having a GA Z370M D3H mobo, Core i3 8100 CPU, Samsung 970 Evo NVMe M.2 storage I installed macOS High Sierra, formated the drive into APFS, and the installation process was smooth, and i booted succesfully for the first time. No visual glitches. All USB ports worked. Intel graphics...
  3. AdriBoy21

    Clover stocks at "End RandomSeed ++++"

    Hi there! I´m trying to install macOS HS (High Sierra) on my Acer Aspire ES1-512-P5G4 Laptop using UniBeast and Legacy. When I want to boot the installer it stucks at "End RandomSeed ++++++++++++". (see attached image) Used Boot flags = -v, USBBusFix=Yes, UseKernelCache=No, nv_disable=1, dart=0...
  4. samgurung

    Mouse frozen on resume

    I did an update from High Sierra and it went well. However I now find that the mouse just freezes when I resume after the screen goes off after a period of inactivity... Any ideas why and how I can solve this?
  5. paradiaowner

    [HELP] I got a unusual problem with Clover

    Hi, Laptop: Acer TravelMate 5760 CPU: i7-2630QM RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: Intel HD 3000 (1360x768 :( ) SSD: HyperX savage 250GB OS X: Yosemite 10.10.5 Bootloader Clover 2.4k_r4674 All is working: WIFI, Audio, etc , even Facetime,ICloud and IMessage really well, the problem is, everytime I shutdown...
  6. coom

    [Solved] Stuck at "kdp_poll: no debugger device"

    Hello, I had a hackintosh with Sierra working perfectly. But since I had to reinstall the system I'm stuck at: "Waiting for remote debugger connection. kdp_poll: no debugger device" I searched everywhere and I tried lots of stuff, and the only thing that worked was disconnecting the GT...
  7. tolekk

    [NEED HELP] Stuck on High Sierra installation.

    Hello! I've recently bought myself a new PC, and I wanted to install macOS on it. I've made it to the installer but whenever I try to install it, my PC reboots halfway through. I've tried booting the SSD that I "installed" macOS on but unfortunately an error pops up (see attached pictures)...
  8. SamuelJacob

    Stuck at Boot Black Screen

    I am running into two problems. (For High Sierra) 1. When Graphic Card GeForce 680 is plugged in, black screen is present - no video. (I tried switching the video cable to the graphic card and back to the motherboard. But, it would only work if I turned off Intergrated Graphic. Unfortunately...
  9. klm716

    [Solved] Cannot Select High Sierra in UniBeast

    Hello, I downloaded High Sierra on my MacBook and I'm trying to get a bootable USB though UniBeast for my hackintosh, However, when I got to the "Installation Type" step, I cannot select High Sierra. Please help me out, I'm not sure what is causing this, and if there is a workaround. This is...
  10. MaeganMouse

    Gahhh! Stuck at ' No native mechanism to verify * ' :(

    Hey guys, So I finally decided to make a hackeytosh for school, mostly cuz I spilled a half-glass of Finlandia and Cranberry in my real MBP, quickly doing some surgery to it and ..well, in the end it was ok, except the keyboard was kack, had to use a bluetooth one instead. anyhooo, the screen...
  11. StevesMacFix

    Stuck booting from USB. Verbose boot images provided.

    Hello tonymacx86 community. This is my first hackintosh build. I am chipping away at the problems, and now stuck booting from clover. I initially didn't get this far and checked my BIOS settings so it let me get further into the installation process. However I am stuck here now. The...
  12. rigelsikeq

    Hackintosh installation stuck before installer

    Hello everyone, i am trying to make my first Hackintosh work. I was able to follow the Guide up until i need to get to the installation of MacOS. My Installation gets stuck all the time at the same point and i can't get further. I was able to make some screenshots with verbose mode where it...
  13. LireMei

    [solved] Stuck at installer loading screen (spinning beach ball)

    I'm trying to install 10.12.6 on a Samsung NP300E4C Specifications: Intel core i5 - 3210M Intel HD Graphics 4000 - Screen resolution: 1366x768 ALC269VC Drive: Hitachi sata drive Memory: 1333mhz DDR3 4GB Wireless adapter: Atheros ar9485wb-eg Touchpad: Synaptics Kexts used: (see images)...
  14. FireAlarm321

    [Solved] Sierra Upgrade from El Capitan Help

    Hi, I just installed el capitan on my new hackintosh build, but I have a problem when trying to upgrade to sierra. When I boot from the installer, it gets stuck at <Warning> service exited with abnormal code: 1. I tried nv_disable=1 and the samething happens, I upgraded to the first clover...
  15. SeBaez

    [Solved] Loading bar almost done, then reboots

    Hello everyone! This week I built my first Hackintosh and could successfully install High Sierra. However, after running Multibeast and restarting the computer, the Mac loading screen only loaded up to 98% or so, and after one or two minutes, rebooted. This became an infinite loop I couldn’t...
  16. np1100

    [solved] Stuck on strange loading screen when booting High Sierra installer from Clover

    I'm installing High Sierra on my HP Spectre x360 [version that was released in 2015]. This is my first time making a hackintosh. I've been following this guide: I've made it to the Clover booting screen. I tried booting...
  17. Zulkarneeyn

    I Can't Run Photoshop and Low FPS Cs:GO

    Hi. First my English is not very well, sorry about that. Secondly, i didn't want to make garbage article so i did open it for two problems that im trying to solve. My System; * Board: ASUS H81M-K * Graphics: AMD R7 240 - primary graphics that im using also have one onboard with intel i7 but i...
  18. NoxXex

    Stuck after fresh install

    I have Already installed the MacOS Sierra on Asus S451ln and i got stuck on busy timeout[n], (240s), kextd wait(0): 'GFX0' Here's the detail about my Laptop specification: Intel core i5-4200u Nvidia Geforce 840m 8 Gb ram Any help would be appreciate
  19. cavanaudio

    [SOLVED]can't boot new install/restore backup at all after high sierra update

    EDITPlease forgive me as I am a first time poster and haven't had any issues since i first built my rig a couple years ago. I'm pretty rusty at this point if it isn't made glaringly clear from my obvious mistakes that you're about to hear about... Ok, here it goes... I tried to do the update to...
  20. Montelli

    [Solved] High Sierra 10.13.5 black screen after apple loading

    Greetings, I upgraded clover and my pcdesktop from high sierra 10.13.2 at 10.13.5 with comboupdate from apple site...after loading apple the screen remains black it seems to lose the signal or can I fix it? Thank you Screen: