1. benbumben

    Mojave 10.14.6 not able to install: Forcing CS_Runtime for entitlement

    Hello, I tried to boot on my new setup and get always stuck with following code: Forcing CS_Runtime for entitlement: failed to open /private/var/db/systempolicyconfigutration/hardeningexceptions.plistcreating RAM disk for var/log I tried different...
  2. PhysXP

    Stuck on login after inserting password.

    Hello, When i was updating my macOS to Catalina, everythin went fine... But when the update got installed and i tried logging in, the screen freeze or got stuck and nothing happens. After trying to boot in safe mode everything worked, except 3rd-party kexts dont get loaded wich i need for my...
  3. AguakateBionico

    << Solved >> [NEED HELP] Installation USB stuck at 99% at Apple Logo

    Hello there. I've did succesfully my first Hackintosh and it didn't be very problematic (I'll be posting it in a few days). But now I'm trying to build a hackintosh for a friend and I'm encountering the same problem again and again. I've tried to change the motherboard, but nothing happens...
  4. zjz

    upgrade to catalina from mojave stuck in progress screen

    hi, I follow the home page post upgrade to catalina and i stuck in progress screen at 90%. Someone can help? Sorry for my bad English. z170, 6700k, hd530
  5. Zia765

    Asus K556UR Mojave Hackintosh stuck at Boot Need help ASAP

    I have a Asus K556UR i5 6th gen I am trying to install Mojave .I have successfully installed it.But Now when I try to boot it in Verbose it is stuck here After Verbose it is stuck with with Apple Logo with empty progress. I have attached the Clover folder. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
  6. Visualart

    High Sierra Usb Booting Stuck... 90%

  7. pradipk.esw

    First Time Setup And Initial Screen Stuck With 100% progress complete.

    Hi, My Bios is MotherBoard: Gigabyte H310M Graphics : nViDIA 710 Processor : Intel i5 Ram: 16GB i Follow all the steps which are given in installation Guild i am trying to install Mojave, But i face some stuck issue, When i boot USB its Boot and also Started Progress with apple logo and...
  8. DartME

    Mojave Apple Logo Stuck while installation

    Hey, so Im new to this stuff. It is just stuck( I can't do anything, it stayed all night in a stuck state, now in verbose it shows this. I tried USB Ownership and USB Inject, it doesn't work.
  9. norwayRainyday

    Stuck on loading screen after trying to disable reportcrash

    Hi Guys TBH this is the most critical thread I've ever posted cause I'm really in a big terrible trouble. Really need your help. :'( My Hackintosh (10.12.6) was pretty stable for a long period of time. Everything was working fine. No error no strange behavior. Few hours ago when I was...
  10. comcomson

    HELP stuck at clover loading: 1

    Hi, Im unable to enter installation. It's created by vanilla method and using attached EFI folder. Here's what I did to boot up to this screen: 1- Added USBInject kext and XHCIUnsupport Kext to fix Prohibited Logo during loading 2- Injected ID 0x3E918086 to fix black screen (Using HDMI)...
  11. fredmbarros

    Stuck at "insert proper boot device"

    Hi, I have a GA-Z97m-d3h with a i5-4690k processor. I've used it as a hackintosh for a long time (until El Capitan, iirc), then decided to run Linux on it for a while and now I'm trying to get macOS on it again, but without success. I tried following the Mojave guide, had some issues because...
  12. RamonEsteve1

    URGENT- Stuck at load screen // Gigabyte GA-X99-UD5 - I7 5820k - GTX 950

    Hi Everyone, Logic Pro required me to Update to 10.13.6, since i've never had any issues with the direct updates, I took the risk. Now I am stuck at the loading screen. Since I really need my Hackintosh for work, I need to fix this ASAP. (fortunalty i did an time machine backup) My...
  13. a3igner

    P9X79 Pro i7-3820 Mojave Anyone had any success with install?

    Hi I am stuck with getting Mojave installed on my old desktop P9X79 Pro Asus with an i7-3820 CPU and a Geforce GTX 680 graphics card (which is natively supported by macOS). I know its an older model. But why not use it if i can get it to work. It runs beautifully snappy with Win10. I can boot...
  14. AeroProcter

    [Help]"Panic" upon boot of install USB

    I have followed RehabMan's guide for setting up the usb for the Mojave installer. I am using his config file for the hd515 graphics. I can get into clover but when selecting to boot into macOS, after 15 sec and slight bar progress there is what I am guessing is a panic and the laptop...
  15. krosz31

    Stuck at apfs_module_start:1393

    Hi guys, im trying to install Mojave on my computer, i dont have any OS , so its a clean install, i have all the BIOS settings required but its stuck at this apfs module thing. I used unibeast, and didnt touch the config.plist. Can anybody help me ?
  16. DedoGamingONE

    Intel DQ35JOE stuck at 5A

    I have a intel dq35joe and whenever i put a graphics card in there (with my hard drives connected) and boot, it only gets to 5A on the bottom right corner. it only gets further than there if i dont have any hard drives plugged in. If i use integrated or a radeon hd 3450 it boots into windows...
  17. Thrashavich

    Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 - 10.14.5 - Can't get to installer

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I last dabbled in this stuff. I had set up 30+ systems in the days of Sandy Bridge but the process felt so much easier back then. I've searched tonymac forums as well as other websites for solutions but none of the fixes I come across seem to work. I cannot...
  18. congoman

    need some help stuck at apple logo "no nvram"

    Hi, after a long time i would try to get macOS mojave running on my pc. As far as i know the hardware is not the best to try this. I have a msi mpg z390 gaming edge ac motherboard with a nvidia geforce 1050 ti. I know that this card will not be supported by nvidia and mojave. Maybe i can switch...
  19. Junaid6305

    Stuck on “FORCING CS RUNTIME...” after 10.14.4 update

    I’m updating to 10.14.4 from 10.14.2. After the system restarted it gets stuck on this (pic). Serial ports have been disabled (gigabyte motherboard). I can still boot into 10.14.2 without any issues.
  20. oxygenium95

    Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI Core i5 9600K Stuck after installation Mojave 10.14.4

    Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI Core i5 9600K UHD 630 16 GB DDR4 Keys, that used to boot: -v slide=0 dart=0 debug=0x100 SMBIOS iMac 18,3 I tried to follow this thread, but something went wrong. After installation on HDD, it doesn't boot and stuck like this. It looks like a kernel panic... Help me, please!