1. irad

    Unibeast Drive Stuck on Apple Boot Logo

    Hi, This is my first pc that I built and I just finished building it so I am a big noob about all of this. I created a Unibeast USB Drive with UEFI Boot Mode and no Injections. After that I changed in the Asus UEFI BIOS: Boot from Storage Devices to UEFI driver first OS Type to Other OS. Then I...
  2. poucintosh

    Help problem installation hackintosh El capitan

    i'm already install el capitan on my laptop spec i3. and i want to make a new installation for my pc Specification : Intel i7 6700k, Mobo gigabyte H170 gaming 3, nVidia GTX 750Ti. i create the bootable El capitan from my laptop, does that have effect creating bootable ? if i booting to another...
  3. hanswerner99

    Yosemite stuck by Apple logo progress bar by installation

    Hi, This is my first Hackintosh and i've been trying to install the damn thing for 2 days now. at first, i tried with Unibeast 6. That didn't work out, it would get stuck at one point during the progress bar with the apple logo. now I tried it with Unibeast 5 and it is stuck again. Specs: MSI...
  4. Son239

    From Hackintosh to iMac Computer Won't Start

    I just bought and set up my brand new iMac. I used Time Machine from my old Hackintosh to back up all my files. I restored that on my iMac, and everything worked fine. I just restarted my Mac, and just won't get past the loading screen. Safe mode won't even start. I am not sure what to...
  5. astrominer

    Trouble Booting| Stuck on

    Here is an image of my screen. I attempted to install El Capitan, and it loaded fine, until it got stuck on this stupid logo. I was really excited to see it loading and then it went to this. Any recomendations? :crazy:
  6. macndows

    Stop sign after Apple logo - stuck in boot sequence

    Hi everybody, I purchased a Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 based on the recommendation on I followed this exact guide...
  7. ganeshuw

    I am Not able to Install OSX on my HP Pavilion 15 p028tx

    I have tried to install OSX on my HP Notebook... But every single time i tried i am not able to do install it... I have seen a Guy in this Forum, He was able to do it but i am not. Please do help me to Install OSX on my HP Pavilion 15 p028tx.
  8. andygb

    Boot problem with El Capitan / hangs on BIOS

    BIOS Problem - solved SOLVED - Used different USB... now have a different problem lol :banghead: I have recently tried to install El Capitan on a spare hard drive of mine but it keeps hanging at a page that is not my normal BIOS but looks similar. My laptop is an acer aspire E1-571 with 8gb...
  9. rodrigopozo

    Help - i upgraded my graphics card and i get stuck on apple logo

    Hi... I install a asus strix gtx 960 4 gb, everything ok, but when i run mac (mavericks) , the system get stuck on the apple logo. in the past my mac ran with the integrated graphics processor (intel hd graphics 4600) What can i do? my system: mobo: h97m d3h gigabyte gpu : asus strix gtx...
  10. Jippa_Lippa

    [Urgent] Backed up an old OS X installation but forgot to install bootloader. I'm Stuck (I can only

    Hello. I backed up an old OS X installation (Chimera), and i deleted the original one without remembering to install chimera on the newly backed up drive. Basically i now have 2 drives, a windows one and a mac one, which is un-bootable. I can't create a unibeast drive from a windows machine so...
  11. kokotpica

    Panic CPU 2 caller

    Hello, at first I'm sorry I'm creating thread in desktop forum, but I didn't find forum for laptops here. Here's my problem: I created bootable USB following guide, but when I choose to Boot Mac OS X from USB, there's apple logo and progress bar goes to about 30%, then it stucks and after short...