1. SherM4n

    Cant load Sierra installer from Clover

    Hi there! Im trying to install macOS Sierra on the Asus GL502VS laptop. I have created the USB installer following this guide steps. Rebooted the laptop, loaded optimized defaults in the setup and disabled VT-d and Secure Boot Mode. Then try to boot from Clover into the installer with -v, -x...
  2. diebolo

    Booting without cpus=1 results freeze at FIPS USER Space POST Success!

    Well, Booting without the boot flag cpus=1 will result in a stuck screen -v: After: it gets stuck (See photo). Boot flags that I use: kernel-dev-mode=1 dart=0 nv_disable=1 I followed RehabMan's guide of Native power management for laptop's but I don't know how to verify success of this guide...
  3. s.ishtiaq86

    Stuck on clover "Boot Mac OS X from Mac HD"

    Hello everyone.. I'm trying to install Mac OS siera hackintosh on my Acer laptop.. I can't boot the HFS drive which is basically the Mac HD drive.. I press enter but it's just stuck on this screen forever.. Any help would be much appreciated.. Thanks
  4. safrizal

    MSI GL62 6QF assertion failed: 16b2657 +

    My bios setting boot uefi with csm. Using clover bootloader, and always stuck at "localhost[1] <error>: assertion failed: 16B2657: launchd . . . . . . ."
  5. jeffry123

    Stuck on logo boot - Asrock Z170 PRO4S

    Hello, I'm new into hackintosh. I stuck on logo boot, i do everything with this tutorial: Motherboard: ASRock Z170 Pro4S CPU: Intel Skylake i7-6700 (without K) RAM: 8 GB DDR4 2666 GPU...
  6. diebolo

    Stuck at Apple bootup screen

    I bought the MSI GP62 6QF Leopard Pro, GTX 960M i7-6700HQ 16GB DDR4 And I made a UniBeast Sierra USB. The Apple bootup screen loading bar on the first time setup gets stuck at about 15% with verbose mode on: stat: /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays: stat: No such file or directory mount...
  7. MikkelYde

    Sierra hangs

    After the first part of the installation it stalls after it had rebooted
  8. ChristianBundgaard

    New CustoMac - stuck at apple logo

    Hi I just built my first CustoMac. I followed the Buyer's guide completely. Relevant hardware: i7-6700k Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3 Gigabyte GeFore GTX950 Ballistix LT 16 GB RAM I used 'optimized defaults' in BIOS and that fixed all the recommended BIOS settings that I'm aware off. I then went to...
  9. zhanming

    HELPP! system uptime in nanoseconds!!!

    Hi, im currently tryin to boot to the os x install of sierra (10.12.1) tried npci=0x2000, -v, graphicsenabler=no, usekernelcache=no theres a screenshot
  10. Mindo

    Sabertooth X79 Sierra installation stuck / usb disabled

    Hello this is my first attempt in to building a hackintosh and I have one issue: after selecting Boot Mac OS X from USB the installation freezes. tried some X79 build suggested boot flags with no luck. one thing is odd, the usb ports all get disabled at the same point the installation...
  11. brandon0622

    OS X Yosemite stuck ApplePS2Controller: newCommandByte=47

    Hi, I need help, when I try to install OS X Yosemite on my laptop with Unibeast 5.2.0, it gets stuck in "ApplePS2Controller: newCommandByte = 47", I only use the boot flag nv_disable = 1, I'm really noob and I do not know what causes the problem, If someone helps me, these are the...
  12. Mehdi666hoseini

    Stuck at apple logo...

    Hello everybody Thanks to you for all the support I have a laptop "Asus ROG GL552VW" I am trying to install Sierra I successfully created bootablet USB and boot it I choose External from clover and then Apple logo came with a empty bar blow it that never load... That's my problem What should...
  13. xperiagalaxy

    Sierra installati on won't boot .Stuck on + sing

    Hi ,I'm trying to install MacOs Sierra on My Asus X556UJ-XX021T 8GB RAM ddr3 i5 6200u Nvidia 920m Clover boots up correctly , the boot flags are nv_disable=1 -v When I try to boot into the installation it's stuck on ++++++++++++++ And then the laptop reboots. I tryed changing...
  14. onemetal

    PCI Configuration begin stuck / Sierra with Multibeast 9

    Hi Guys! I need some help! I am trying to update to Sierra on a Gigabite Z68MA-D2H-B3 with Nvidia 520 card. Bios are correctly configured. All the installation goes well, until it has to reboot after Multibeast 9.0.0 installs the Clover. I have tried both UEFI installations and Legacy boot...
  15. jorgevaldespino

    No Boot without nv_disable=1

    Well, that's the thing i can't boot successfully without the flag nv_disable=1 I already try nvda_drv=1 and the new NvidiaWeb Flag but no one can help, if use them get an apple screen stuck at half. I know my GPU is a little old, but hope some support. Please help
  16. LeonLeonLeon

    How to get hackintosh working on ASUS L502MA

    Hi guys! I have a problem with installing mac os x to my laptop asus L502ma it has intel celeron n2840 cpu and intel graphics mobile (baytrail) . Every time i try to install it gets stuck on apple logo or in half of installation. Does anybody of u guys know which version(distribution) of mac os...
  17. johnryan

    Stuck at "empty" login screen after Sierra update

    After updating to sierra and booting with clover i've found myself stuck at the login screen but given no cursor or accounts so it is for all intents and purposes "frozen". The only way to get out is to force a restart Hardware: GA-Z87X-UD7 TH NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 I've tried various...
  18. jpzodpro

    Stuck on apple logo while i'm installing...

    Guys i'm new here, i've picked the customac pro, thats what i have right now 1. Core i5-6600K 2. Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 3. Corsair H60 (Water) 4. EVGA GTX 950 5. Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB) 6. Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 7. Corsair RM 650 Watt The thing is i have followed exactly the...
  19. EncoreBlade

    Booting from SSD. Stuck on Apple logo after it flashes.

    Hey guys. So far I've been successful up to the step where you boot OSX from the SSD. When I try to load the installed OSX, it will load about halfway, the screen will flash, I'll get this weird purple line around the top left corner of the screen, and it'll just freeze. I waited about 30...
  20. Tertuliano

    Post install boot stuck on apple logo

    Hi. Everything was working great on my 10.11.5 system. Today I was copying files between a sd card and a usb stick. All of the sudden, Finder stopped responding. I tried to re-launch it, but it didn't work. I tried to shut down the computer, but it was taking a very long time to do so. Since I...