1. axonz

    Stuck on PCI Configuration End

    config & all SSDTs (DSL) attached I have a Lenovo V14-IIL Intel Core i5 10th gen UHD 920 how can I fix this issue and boot into recovery? also i am using OpenCore 0.9.3 PS. I don't haven't installed MacOS yet.
  2. JamesonKean

    Stuck At Service Exited with abnormal code : 1

    Hello, I am Trying To Install MacOS Mojave On Desktop, Whenever I am trying to boot for installation, I end up stucking at this, I am Using Clover Bootloader, Can Anyone Help me? CPU : i3-4160 Mobo : Asus H81M-CS GPU : GTX 1050Ti
  3. MeihtieMeik

    << Solved >> Optimac 9020 stuck at boot

    Hello, I haven't used my Optimac (Dell 9020) for month and now it is not booting up. There where some trouble with the Bios - looks like I need a new battery: I had to change all the values described in the instructions. But still I have no luck, the screen shows some errors I don't understand...
  4. dmitriizosimov

    Catalina won't boot

    I have successfully installed Catalina on a SATA SSD. The purpose was to try out Catalina and see if it runs on my Mojave rig. More and more apps require Catalina as minimum OS ver. Worked like a charm but I still wanted to work in Mojave without upgrading and have a Catalina disk as an option...
  5. nickwzxx

    [HELP] Getting an error while booting macOS High Sierra installer with Opencore

    Can't take image of what I'm getting on the screen. I'm getting error "Attempting system restart...MACH Reboot". Before it gets a lot of errors, panics, kernel traps and faults. Attached my EFI folder and last OpenCore log. I'll appriciate any help and provide any information to solve this problem
  6. nickwzxx

    [HELP] macOS installer option not showing up in OpenCore boot menu

    I'm using latest OpenCore, and got stuck on boot menu. It shows up only Windows. If I press Space it will show 2 more options: EFI Shell and EFI (external) DMG. And when I boot EFI external dmg nothing happens. Did everything that I found on internet and nothing helped. (Trying to install...
  7. unique

    Stuck on Apple Logo

    Installing the Monterey (OpenCore) & it is install completely, after installing when it goes to Apple logo, here it is stucked. Help me to solve this problem I have created two partition in SSD, 1st is for windows & 2nd one for macOS (APFS). System Info Z390 UD i7 9700K Intel UHD Graphic 480...
  8. douglasms

    Restart before start setup

    Hi, I'm trying to build a hack with Monterey, but I can't pass OpenCore initial process. I already did a successfully hack with Big Sur but now I can't get it working. I've attached my EFI folder and the last logs from a debug version of opencore. Nothing that I already searched on internet...
  9. monkey4k

    << Solved >> High Sierra won't Boot. Stuck halfway on Apple Logo

    Hey Guys, I have been running my High Sierra built for quite a while now without any problem. This morning I tried to boot and it showed me the Apple Logo. The progress bar fills halfway and then the screen turns black and stays like that. If I boot in verbose mode, even if I hit Spacebar on...
  10. loothill

    Stuck at RandomSeed

    Hi there! I been trying to install High Sierra on a Intel 10th cpu, I know it has no support for, I have read already about fake cpu id, Im using OpenCore, fake cpu Skylkake-X and SMBios iMac17,1, my first problem was that usb got stuck into "End SetConsoleMode", got pass through it but now I am...
  11. cci[RR]us

    << Solved >> Waiting on IOproviderclass... IOresources... boot-uuid-media

    Edit: Fixed. I checked through BIOS settings with a guide for the motherboard, and made a couple of changes to be the same with the guide, and it worked. I have no idea why my earlier settings worked! My GA-H107N-WIFI had been working flawlessly. It has Big Sur and OC 0.69. Not sure what went...
  12. chalkerrulez

    High Sierra stuck on Kextd stall 0 60s X86PlatformPluginGFX0 iohdaCodecFunction IOResources

    Hey, I am a complete noob to the hackintosh process. After a fair bit of research I have started building my first and I'm having a bit of trouble that I'd really appreciate help with. I've worked out that High Sierra is the latest that will work with my 1060, which doesn't really bother me...
  13. chriistailor

    Stuck on Apple Logo!!! HP 250 G3

    Hey! Please give some advice, cause i feel i am lost... I think i tried everything with Unibeast, Clover,and it's the same problem. I have a HP 250 G3 with Intel Celeron and i want to use Mac Os High Sierra (or lower) and i made a bootable USB following this guide...
  14. rayjaken

    Stuck at apple logo after Clover menu - Catalina installation

    Hi there! I really could use some help. I'm trying to install Catalina on a computer with Asus ROG Maximux XII Extreme, a Intel i9 10900K and a RTX 2080, with 64 GB RAM. I followed the steps here at tonymacx86, using UniBeast. I created the USB drive, I get to the Clover menu, and when I...
  15. TFM

    << Solved >> Stuck at Apple logo 100% when trying to install

    Hello I followed this guide by the book yet I get stuck at Apple logo at 100% after clover install. I did select verbose mode but nothing comes up since it's the pre...
  16. desmondam1

    [Open Core] Intel 10th gen laptop boot stuck at SMCRTC : stop followed by prohibit sign.

    CPU: Intel Core i3 1005G1 10th gen proccessor GPU: Intel® UHD Graphics for 10th Gen Intel® Processors RAM :4 GB Laptop model: Dell Inspiron 3539 Tool followed: Keamal Alkin(Open Core) When i boot Mac OS Big Sur using opencore it is stuck at SMCRTC: stop followed by Prohibit sign and still...
  17. Hakimaru

    Get Stuck at BuildActDeviceEntry Exit

    always get stuck here everytime I turn it off for a few hours, and turn it on again Acer Aspire E5-475G - Processor : Intel Core i3 6006U - RAM : 8GB DDR4 PC19200 / 2400Mhz - IGPU : Intel HD 520 - eGPU : NVIDIA 940MX - Storage : Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 256GB + Seagate 500GB - Ethernet : Realtek...
  18. reecevdw

    Stuck at Apple Logo with no progress bar

    I can not get Catalina to install on my PC. I just get stuck at an apple Logo with no progress bar, so I ran it with nv_disable=1 -v to show y'all the errors. I have disabled 3rd party USB 3.2 controller I have disabled VT-d
  19. RAFFAY

    HP Probook Mojave Boot stuck at ACPI Exception AE_BAD_PARAMETER

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install Mojave on my laptop HP Probook 430 G3 (i7-6500U, HD 520, 16GB RAM). I had followed the Clover guide by RehabMan but stuck at the following error. Please help me fix this!!! Thanks
  20. danieldbird

    Cursor Jumping, then stuck - Catalina 10.15.6

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has seen this issue before. My cursor started jumping to a fixed position every say 10 seconds, then all of a sudden just gets stuck in that position and any attempt to move it does nothing and the cursor reverts to the same fixed position. Here is a short...