1. TFM

    Solved > Stuck at Apple logo 100% when trying to install

    Hello I followed this guide by the book yet I get stuck at Apple logo at 100% after clover install. I did select verbose mode but nothing comes up since it's the pre...
  2. desmondam1

    [Open Core] Intel 10th gen laptop boot stuck at SMCRTC : stop followed by prohibit sign.

    CPU: Intel Core i3 1005G1 10th gen proccessor GPU: Intel® UHD Graphics for 10th Gen Intel® Processors RAM :4 GB Laptop model: Dell Inspiron 3539 Tool followed: Keamal Alkin(Open Core) When i boot Mac OS Big Sur using opencore it is stuck at SMCRTC: stop followed by Prohibit sign and still...
  3. Hakimaru

    Get Stuck at BuildActDeviceEntry Exit

    always get stuck here everytime I turn it off for a few hours, and turn it on again Acer Aspire E5-475G - Processor : Intel Core i3 6006U - RAM : 8GB DDR4 PC19200 / 2400Mhz - IGPU : Intel HD 520 - eGPU : NVIDIA 940MX - Storage : Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 256GB + Seagate 500GB - Ethernet : Realtek...
  4. aadishhere

    ioconsoleusers gioscreenlockstate 3 hs 0 bs 0

    I Am Using i3 5005U With Intel 5500 Graphics. When I Am Booting From HDD To Continue My Installation It Sticks On [ ioconsoleusers gioscreenlockstate 3 hs 0 bs 0 ]. I Am Attaching My Config.Plist And Some Screenshot Please Help Mee. I Also Tried To Change My FAKEID From 0x00000000 To 0x12345678...
  5. reecevdw

    Stuck at Apple Logo with no progress bar

    I can not get Catalina to install on my PC. I just get stuck at an apple Logo with no progress bar, so I ran it with nv_disable=1 -v to show y'all the errors. I have disabled 3rd party USB 3.2 controller I have disabled VT-d

    HP Probook Mojave Boot stuck at ACPI Exception AE_BAD_PARAMETER

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install Mojave on my laptop HP Probook 430 G3 (i7-6500U, HD 520, 16GB RAM). I had followed the Clover guide by RehabMan but stuck at the following error. Please help me fix this!!! Thanks
  7. danieldbird

    Cursor Jumping, then stuck - Catalina 10.15.6

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has seen this issue before. My cursor started jumping to a fixed position every say 10 seconds, then all of a sudden just gets stuck in that position and any attempt to move it does nothing and the cursor reverts to the same fixed position. Here is a short...
  8. BobPan

    Blank gray screen with cursor when boot

    I try the old Ivy bridge build on my PC, and install macOS Catalina on it. The install goes very smoothly but maybe it reboot to first time setup, I get the blank gray screen and a cursor can move, when I click the left button of mouse, the cursor gone. Before it enter this screen, it print...
  9. antonio_bg

    Stuck at [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] on Catalina Update HELP!

    Hi everyone im trying to update Catalina from a current Mojave hackintosh computer My Mobo z390 Aorus Pro i7 9700k Sapphire 5600 xt 32gb ram xpg 2666 I followed the guide provided by the site to create a boot drive with catalina Made a usb from a hackintosh computer with mojave on it (...
  10. coom

    Stuck at: root device uuid is...

    Hello, I’m trying to install Yosemite on my machine and I get stuck here: I tried various workarounds and none worked. This are my specs: Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7Ghz Asus Prime Z390-P NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 1023 MB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 PC4-24000 16GB 2x8GB CL15 I don’t know if...
  11. abishu

    Installation stuck at apple logo with progress bar

    I followed all the steps mentioned in MacOS Mojave installation guide and adjusted the bios settings also. But when I boot, I get stuck at apple logo with progress bar. I boot in verbose mode and I've attached the screenshot My build Intel i5 8400 Asus h370 prime plus Crucial mx300 250gb Corsair...
  12. adam96pl

    Stuck at apple logo

    Hi, i have a problem with my first hackintosh. When i try boot from usb i see clover bootloader then i choose install mac os and then stuck at apple logo. i go through this guide: and this...
  13. marzib

    High Sierra Installer Stuck at "Start ReadKernelCache" on Boot

    I'm trying to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra. My Sierra is working and booting great with the latest Clover 5.0 r5115, but when trying to upgrade to High Sierra, any time the computer reboots into the installer, it gets stuck at the line "Start ReadKernelCache". The screenshot is attached...

    Stuck after installation of Catalina

    Hello guys i wanted to install Catalina. But everytime after the installation and the first boot from the SSD the loading bar is allways stuck. I don’t know what to do. Mainboard gigabyte Z170 HD3P CPU i5 6600k Radeon rx5700xt
  15. jessiejia1997

    Stuck at first boot IOUSBHostHIDDevice: unable to start

    Aurora R8 i7 8th gen, GPU RTX 2070 I want to use IGPU for mac and 2070 for windows. I saw someone successfully installed mac on this machine, but I am stuck at boot screen.
  16. harrykelly32

    Laptop stuck at plus signs

    I recently created a bootable USB with Catalina and got the OS running OK on my desktop, I want to install it on a laptop that I have for portability purposes, all the specs say it should run fine. Got the usb to boot into clover and keep trying different flags and such but it always stops at...
  17. wahlaoehh

    Stuck at Apple loading screen

    I can’t seem to get past the loading screen when trying to install my Hackintosh. Did abit of research, and some same to run in Verbose mode and upload the screenshot. Can anyone please help?
  18. zzmattiazz

    Solved > Can't Enable 60Hz on 4K Monitor

    Hi,I Hope you can help me.... I bought a 4k monitor a while ago but after a lot of attempts I can't enable 60Hz on my hackintosh. My Intel HD 4600 fully support 3840x2160 at 60Hz only on Display Port, I use Windows 10 on that resolution and it works perfectly. Now I tried to add the frame buffer...
  19. soffootix

    Please Help - Install Catalina won't start

    Hello everybody, sorry for my English. I hope everyone have a good health. I've a laptop, Asus P3540FA , 8Go Ram, SSD 512Go & Core I5. When i launch Catalina from Cover, the display stuck on Apple Logo. In Verbose mode, i've a lot of ********** and nothink. In debug mode, the install block...
  20. zLeqitEclipse

    Solved > Hackintosh High Sierra Installer stuck at IORetrun

    Hello, im New to hackintosh and I have a Problem installing it. Everytime I boot "Install macOS Catalina" in verbose Mode it get stuck at "++++++++++...." and I need to force shutdown my pc. I also tried many solutions but all didnt solve my Problem. Pls help meee (sry for Bad english ) Specs...