stuck apple

  1. JoshTheKid

    MacOS Catalina Stuck on install 9900K Asus Prime Radeon VII m.2 NVME SSD

    HELLO. I have just finished my Hackintosh build, it includes: - Liquid cooled i9 9900k on Asus Prime z390 Motherboard. - Radeon VII Graphics Card - Asus AX3000 PCI Wifi+BT 5.0 - 500 GB M.2 Samsung Evo+ SSD (Windows 10 Installed) - 1 TB M.2 Samsung Evo+ SSD (Going for main Catalina Install...
  2. Jaani

    Mac Os Mojave installation stuck on End RandomSeed

    I am trying to install mac os Mojave on HP elitebook 840 g2 with Intel 5500HD graphics But after clicking on Boot with selected options it stucked on End RandomSeed +++++++++++++++++++++++++ can anyone help me to get-out from this situation.
  3. peronajo

    Stuck at loading apple logo after verbose when booting installer

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to boot to the Mojave installer which I installed on a usb drive using RehabMan's guide. I've added the necessary kext and drivers and used RehabMan's config.plist for Intel UHD 620 graphics. However, when trying to boot the installer from Clover with the -v flag my...
  4. sVendetta

    Mojave stuck on boot/USB stick no longer works [SOLVED]

    Hello fellow hackintoshers! After having set up a working Mojave on my hack everything's gone haywire after tinkering with enabling usb ports according to the guides. Now I can't boot anything else but Windows 10. I already tried the following: -updating BIOS several times (currently running...
  5. ssswhite

    stuck at apple logo

    My build is: i7-9700K MSI MPG-Z390I-GAMING-EDGE-AC Mini ITX Intel graphic HD630 16GB 3000Mhz DDR4 500GB SN750 NVMe Western Digital please help me
  6. Mark12366

    Direct update HS to Mojave. Not redirected to preboot login menu

    Hello, I have a dell XPS 9550. Yesterday I've tried installing Mojave via a direct update downloaded from the appstore (High Sierra > Mojave). I've downloaded the update and tried to install it via Clover bootloader. How the install went: 1. Select 'mac os install' in bootloader 2. does some...
  7. julio764020

    gigabyte z370 problem running mac os sierra after installing gtx 1080ti

    i did installed the mac Os high sierra on my machine but i was using the internal graphics from the motherboard but yesterday i purchased it the gtx 1080ti and i tried to install the web drivers for nvidia but i got a message that i was not compatible with Os after that i did installed the...
  8. OneSnack888

    Stuck at the apple logo on first boot

    Hi Everybody, This is my first time building a Hackintosh and I'm having a problem. I will turn on the computer, boot from the flash drive, go to the Clover screen, hit enter, and it would get the apple logo and gets stuck. No spinning circle no nothing. It just gets stuck. I left it overnight...
  9. pRedikat

    GA-Z97X core i7 4790k - unknown CPU model/abnormal code 255

    Hey Guys! Im trying to build a new Hackintosh. When I'm booting I can't reach the installation screen. Can anyone tell what the problem/solution might be? I already tried a couple of things like replacing the VBoxHfs-64.efi with HFSplus.efi and I tried -x -v cpus=1 I also set XMP profile=1...
  10. macktotman

    I cant boot: system update in nanoseconds: 886787032

    I finally got osx yosemite installed but when I boot without safe mode I get this: system update in nanoseconds: 886787032 At first when i installed it read intel 3000 graphics 384mb but after i installed the intel driver with mulitbeast it went to intel 2000 3mb and then it went to unknown 3mb...