stuck apple logo

  1. sebastianfischer

    USB installation stuck on "AppleUSBLegacyRoot@: App" (stuck at Apple logo / progress bar)

    When I started the USB installation, it got stuck on "AppleUSBLegacyRoot@: App". (stuck at Apple logo / progress bar) Please, any help I will really appreciate ! I am using UniBeast for OS sierra.
  2. nir.s

    [Solved] Stuck at Apple logo on boot (Sierra)

    Hi, I had installed Sierra following the guide on this forum (first time with a Hackintosh) and it had installed perfectly and worked for a few days. I then had to move my machine to a different country (flight check-in) and disassembled and then reassembled it again in a week. Now, when I...
  3. zamar

    Tried fixing NVIDIA drivers. Now stuck on boot screen

    Intel i7-6700K Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Designare EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR4 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD Hey yall. So I've configured my BIOS settings properly and have been able to install macOS Sierra 10.12.12 on an SSD in my Hackintosh build. However, the GTX 970 won't...
  4. Dvdweel

    HP elite 8200 SFF

    Hello, I want to make a hackintosh build on my hp elite 8200 SFF with I5 2500. But I make an image from unibeast I think? but it stuks at the apple logo screen. and I can't find not so much about the 8200 SFF only 8000. so can anyone help me how to make a mackintosh build? thanks!
  5. Need help reaching the Installer

    Need help reaching the Installer

    Hi, I created a El Capitan USB ThumbDrive with unibeast (UEFI), but my Lenovo l540 with a i5 4300m and integrated graphics (4600) wont boot at all when I try to reach the Installer. I set the KernelPM to true but even this won't help :( I managed to install snow leopard with iBoot.
  6. jpzodpro

    Stuck on apple logo while i'm installing...

    Guys i'm new here, i've picked the customac pro, thats what i have right now 1. Core i5-6600K 2. Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 3. Corsair H60 (Water) 4. EVGA GTX 950 5. Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB) 6. Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 7. Corsair RM 650 Watt The thing is i have followed exactly the...
  7. dvass

    El Capitan stuck on Apple Boot Logo after successful installation-operation

    Hello to the forum, this is a recurring post, because I was asked by the administration to recreate my account (under the same username) due to a problem with it. Well, I'm facing the title problem, all of a sudden. As you see my Motherboard is a GA-Z170X UD5 TH. Multiple OS's (El Capitan...
  8. thiagobones

    El capitan stuck at apple logo after install

    hi, I made a fresh install on mu hackintosh and now i can't reach the os... I tryied every combination possible of bootflags and nothing Can someone help me out? The attached file is where it get stuck at loading when i try to boot with -v Thanks in advance!
  9. Wissem954

    Can't reach the desktop stuck at apple loading's logo

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and i have a problem with the post installation of Mac OS X 10.11.5 on my ASUS G11CD-FR021T after the installation of the OS and after using multibeast.I've rebooted my computer but i can't reach the desktop, my computer stops on the loading screen with the Apple logo...
  10. WouterVD

    Dell Latitude E5510 - "Still waiting for root device"

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, or at least this is my first thread. I've been trying to get a few old pc's to run OS X for quite a while now, but things don't seem to be working out well. That's why I hope someone on this forum might be able to give me some advice. One of the pc's I'm currently...
  11. radioteur

    Fresh installation 10.6.3 got stuck on apple screen but an old installation works perfectly where's

    Hello everyone, I am writing this post because I need some help I am trying to install snow leopard 10.6.3 on this system. MB: Foxconn q45m socket 775 CPU: Intel dual core E8400 3,00 Ghz HD: INTEL SSD x25HP 80 Gb (already formatted macOS journaled) RAM: Corsair XMS2 ddr2 4 Gb 4x1 GRAPHIC...
  12. mar22

    Need help P8H61 ,i5 2500k BootCacheControl unable to open error

    Hi all and best regards to the comunity , I have decided to write a post after a 2 day constant and web search. In that period i understand the theory and logic of making an hackintosh work on a "PC" computer. I need help because im being stuck at the apple logo and cannot move...
  13. Thefytre

    Stuck at Apple Logo,No spinner

    Ok I know that installing maverics would take a long time for me since I am new to the hackintosh business.So I used Unibeast to create the bootable USB and when I booted from the USB it went to the Apple Logo and remains stuck at there and no spinner is there for it.So I booted using the -v and...