1. phdenzel

    ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX Vega64 8GB OC

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to hackintoshing. I'm tweaking and tuning my build constantly, but I still have to learn a lot. So, sorry if what I'm asking is too trivial... I got my hands on an Asus ROG STRIX Radeon RX Vega64 8GB OC and try to replace my Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti STRIX O11G with...
  2. lifedrinker

    Issue after changing hardware.

    I recently decided to upgrade my build with a new CPU and Motherboard. Both of them are approved, but after doing the set up here: I can’t get it to boot. When they have you...
  3. trexjames

    ASUS Strix RX Vega 64 boot problems Mojave

    I recently switched over to the ASUS Strix RX Vega 64 and am having a strange time with getting Mojave to boot. I have two installation of Mojave. One a 1TB HDD and another on a Samsung Evo 960 M.2 SSD. Both installations went perfectly and I managed to get everything setup (Kexts, config)...
  4. cronix

    Fan doesn't spin after Boot

    Hello guys, I recently managed to install High Sierra successfully (not Mojave because of missing Nvidia Web drivers) and now noticed, that my Fan in the back of the case connected to the CHA_FAN2 header on the board. Pls help :D (I'm kind of a noob in hackintoshing) Thanks in advance
  5. maquinadehielo

    ASUS ROG Strix H370-I Gaming

    Hi guys, I've been experiencing a lot of difficulties. I've spent over 16 hours trying to get the following hardware running, which I bought from the Buyer's Guide here (I used the exact links from this website) Here are the specs: Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix H370-I Gaming Cooler: Thermaltake...
  6. FrankTheTank

    Is my Asus Rog Strix GL702VS build safe?? No-DSDT / DSDT help!

    First of all I would like to enormously thank the admins and the community for all the great work done and shared! This ASUS Rog Strix GL702VS is my first laptop build and I am a total beginner in hackintoshing. My biggest concern is: is it safe to use this build DSDT free?? My System EFI...
  7. Valby

    Mobo PCB Breakdown: ASUS Strix Z370-G Gaming

    This blogger kind of discouraged me from closing a prepared purchase of this Strix Z370-G. Title: Mobo PCB Breakdown: ASUS Strix Z370-G Gaming On the other hand, the most critized circuit on this circuit board, the VRM-part, I guess will not be activated by me, using the computer primarily...
  8. Skorm92

    ASUS ROG Strix - GL703VD

    Hi there! After using linux for a long time I'd like to step over to Mac OSX due to the fact that important features like the touchpad and volume control are now not working, also I can't upgrade to the latest kernel due to the display failing on later linux builds. and also some software like...
  9. sachin8parul

    No Audio Asus H270F

    Hii all, everything is fine expect Audio, tried alc1220 tried alc1220a tried clover device id=7 please help if anybody with the same mobo
  10. alzickgr

    Rog strix z370-e

    Just got my first Hackintosh build up and running and I'm trying to get network working. Eithernet works, but does anyone know how to get onboard wifi and Bluetooth working for this motherboard?
  11. MadGear77

    [Solved] Unable to use Keyboard & Mouse (X99-High Sierra)

    My specs is as follows: i7-5820k Asus X99 Strix Mobo ASUS GTX 980ti I'm unable to use the keyboard and mouse when i go to the lock screen. Does anyone have the same problem ? and how did you rectify it. I'm using the latest version of High Sierra 10.13 and please tell me the values and how to...
  12. moog84

    Switch from Intel HD 630 to a Nvidia GPU

    Hi, I have been running my new build for a few weeks and it's been relatively smooth. I am now ready to add a GPU (ASUS 1060 6GB STRIX) and move away from the Intel 630 on-board graphics. As this has become my main work machine I would like to make the switch with the least possible disruption...
  13. DarioPro18

    High Sierra Update...

    Hi! Is time to update from Sierra to High Sierra my CustoMac. I've got only one problem: drivers. For my Asus RoG Strix NVIDIA 1060 6G is all good, only update the driver. For my motherboard, audio and ethernet drivers, how can I do? [Asus H110M-C]
  14. benramsden

    Boot help

    I'm trying to setup a new Hackintosh system using a custom built PC (i7 7000k, 32GB, Palit GTX 960) and I'm eventually greeted with this screen and it just sticks there. I'm using; dart=0, nv_disable=1, -f, -v as boot args. Any help is much appreciated :)
  15. nerioth

    Asus ROG Strix Z270F + i5 7600k Compatible?

    Is this option compatible? I've seen i7 7700k but nothing about the i5, also the Asus Rog bothers me. Any ideas? BTW, any ideas if I could manage the colors in the LEDs (Aura Sync) throught the Hackintosh?
  16. kosicki123

    Z270E Strix Windows boot problem (separate drives)

    Hi Guys! I've done a successfully hackintosh within my m.2 evo 960. I also have a HDD which was already installed before the hackintosh with Windows 10. The only condition to boot Windows is changing my BIOS setup to activate Optane config (opposite of AHCI), and some other things, which are...
  17. Pixelmentor

    [Solved] Ethernet on Asus Strix Z270?

    Does anyone know how I can install a driver for Ethernet on an Asus Strix Z270 on Sierra?
  18. fcerruti

    El Capitan on x99 Deluxe/U3.1

    Hello there, I've been trying quite hard to dig the forum to find any guide, or info, that could aid me on this installation. So far I've tried quite a LOT of stuff, a LOT os different BIOS settings and different versions of osx. I decided to settle my decision on El Capitan, Sierra might be to...
  19. TheKingDance95

    I have trouble with my GTX 960 on macOs Sierra

    Could anyone tell me what to do to get my screen to read the card? I use VGA connector I have installed WebDriver-367.15.10.05f01 but it does not work. I need help please! I try with key: <key>NvidiaWeb<key/> <true/> And nothing.
  20. fernandopata

    B85-PLUS, 960 Strix, etc - Yosemite/El Capitan Compatibility

    Hello, I have a decent Desktop build and want to know if it's compatible with Yosemite and maybe El Capitan :D I have some doubts specially with the MoBo :| The specs: PSU: 1Life Jet 700W MB: Asus B85-PLUS CPU: i5 4590 3.30 Ghz RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws-X CL9 1600mhz 8GB GPU: Asus GeForce GTX 960...