1. DemoKing

    Unibeast 8 Attaching base system

    Hey guys, probably something really simple but I've been sitting on the "attaching base system" screen for over 2 hours now with nothing in the logs detailing any failures. wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and if so what they did to rectify it
  2. cen4

    instant reboot when try to upload something

    Hi all, can't find any information about THAT! my system: gygabyte z77-ds3h motherboard 16gb ddr3-1600mghz gygabyte gtx970 SMBIOS as imac13.2 So first, i used el capitan, that problem started from there. System works great, but... when i try to upload something to the internet, to the google...
  3. Eightarmedpet

    [SOLVED] Screen flickering when enabling HDMI Audio, all methods tried.

    Now here is an odd one... I had a perfectly working Hackintosh but then treated myself to a new 4K TV, it works perfectly in Windows but has flickering (slow) in macOS - it comes on for 1-2 seconds then goes off for 2-3 seconds. I fancied a bit of a brush up on installing so I started afresh...
  4. AGuyWhoIsBored

    Not Able to Boot Into Clover Sometimes...?

    Hi all, I've setup my config.plist so that I'm able to boot my Hackintosh and get to, well, work and boot to the desktop, but sometimes when I boot into OS X, it just stops at the Clover loading drivers: "OsxAptioFixDrv: loading..." "UUID is xxx-xxxxxx", etc. (It's basically the screen before...
  5. UnKnown863645

    Strange error.

    Cannot Boot on an Already Hackintosh! I Recently Wanted to do a clean install of OS X On my Hackintosh, But I ran into a slight problem.. When i try to boot from unibeast with no flags, my computer restarts. When i try to boot with the GraphicsEnabler=No flag, i either get the Beach Ball of...