1. lu7ifer

    Unable to download any apps from the App Store

    Hello! Installed is a fresh copy of Snow Leopard updated to 10.6.8. Multibeast was installed, too (EasyBeast and Network) PC starts fine. Mobo: GA-H67MA-USB3-B3 CPU : i7 2600 (non k) GPU : Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC The first problem was I could not login into my AppStore account. That...
  2. wanksta11

    app store sign in "connection failed" on mavericks

    I installed mavericks 10.9.5 on my K53S i7 laptop and the internet works (using the Ethernet cable port). I can sign in into itunes but I can't sign it into the app store, it just says "connection failed" every time I click the Sign In button. I tried installing the AtherosL1cEthernet 1.2.3 on...
  3. Son239

    Can not log in to app store

    Hello everyone! So I have the issue that most people have with not being able to long into the app store. I keep getting this error message: "Your device or computer could not be verified" So I researched and followed all the steps I could find. I deleted the network.plist, I restarted, I...
  4. moergie

    App store error: Device or computer could not be verified

    I'm a newbie on mackintosh, but tryin my best ;-) I have an Asus P6T Deluxe V2 board with OS X 10.9.4 running. After the last upgrade to 10.9.4 i'm not able to update my apps via the app store. Keep getting this error: I trief both solutions below but still no luck:Solution:1: Go to /Extra in...
  5. funderburgh22

    Mac App Store Not Working Please !HELP!

    I have a Gateway GT5438 with a GeForce GT 610 with 2GB of video memory and 4GB of ram running Mountain Lion everything works perfectly but the Mac App Store. I use a N150 Wireless USB Adapter, and when i sign in to the Mac App Store it says "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact...
  6. IvantheDugtrio

    Can't log in to App Store or iCloud

    So recently I realized I can't log in to either the App Store or iCloud for whatever reason. It just says it can't connect to the servers. Currently my internet works fine and I can access the iTunes store and the iCloud control panel via my web browser. Any idea why this is happening or if...
  7. woktov

    Apple ID Won't Work: iMessage, App Store, iCloud, FaceTime etc.

    When I updated from Mountain Lion to Mavericks it stopped my Apple ID from signing in. This means I can't use: -iMessage -App Store -I can't update any App Store apps I remember reading somewhere that I should change my Apple ID password, which I did and to no avail All help is appreciated.
  8. ghuxley

    OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Download questions - App store

    New to this site and forum. Hoping to embark upon my first build but confused on the install location of the downloaded OS X Mountain Lion. If I need to have a Mac to access the Mac App store and download the software, am I downloading the OS X Mountain Lion Application software directly to...
  9. therobotmaker

    "Your device or computer could not be verified" App store error in Mountain Lion

    When I try to log into the app store it gives me: "Your device or computer could not be verified". I have tried everything I could find on the internet including the stuff on here, editing the org.chameleon.Boot.plist with the code from EFIstudio, deleting all the network devices, deleting the...