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  1. MarkSprain

    Still waiting for root device - macOS Sierra

    Hey guys, I urgently require help. Case: I created a Sierra-Bootstick (finished .raw file, burnt to USB-Stick) I booted from this USB-Stick. Selected Sierra Install In verbose mode it stops at still waiting for root device Tried steps to solve: Try different USB-Port Use a SATA-Drive Another...
  2. cci[RR]us

    [Probook 4440S (Celeron B840)] Stuck at booting the installer

    I have a 4440S with Celeron B840 CPU. I followed the guide and ensured that in the BIOS, I disabled virtualization, enabled AHCI and legacy USB. When the USB installer (Mavericks) boots up, I get the message "Still waiting for root device". :( I tried the boot flags but I get the same...
  3. DaddyM

    Installation problem: Mountain Lion 10.8 on Asus B75 Board

    Dear colleagues! I am trying to install Mountain Lion on ASUS P8B75-M LX with CPU: i3 2105 and Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000. UEFI, SATA mode: AHCI 1 SATA HDD 160 GB plugged into 3GB SATA switch 1 (numbering starts from 1 on this board). Mountain Lion retail + Unibeast method...
  4. derhelle

    Still waiting for root device

    Hello everyone I got this error by booting from a unibeast stick with mountain lion. Has some one got a solution for that?