1. uittocht

    Snow after startup

    Hi! ((((I know guys, my English isn't that good.))))) I followed the tonymacx86 build for building my hackintosh. There were a few troubles while installing, but after a couple of times trying, it worked. Or at least, it starts up and does the thing he should do. The reason why I'm posting...
  2. AlecMandell

    SSD not showing up during installation.

    Help. I'm trying to install Mac OS X mavericks onto my Samsung 840 EVO SSD. It shows up in my BIOS for my Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H motherboard, but when I open up my Unibeast flashdrive to install OSX, my SSD does not show up in Disk Utility. Please help.
  3. tog

    Help! Previously working Hackintosh now kernel panics every time I start up, with "Faulting CPU: 0x3

    Hi all, I have a Hackintosh that's worked for several years now, albeit with occasional crashes. However just today it's stopped booting up successfully. Each time I boot I see the attached screen (this shows what I see when I enter '-v' on the boot screen; without doing this, I see a similar...
  4. GriffinMK

    Two Problems

    Hey guys, I managed to get my brother's hackintosh built the other day. Everything's perfect but I just had two questions.When I turn off the computer on the Mac portion (running Mavericks) the computer shuts off and immediately boots back on, but goes to the Windows portion. I can't make the...
  5. Informer123

    No Mouse or Keyboard after 10.8.5 Combo Update

    Today, October 20th 2013, I installed the 10.8.5 combo update from 10.8.0. This combo update apparently already has the supplemental update. Before restarting i ran Multi-beast 5.5.3 to install the ALC877/888b "Current" audio drivers. I then allowed the combo updater to restart my computer. It...
  6. Mr. Par

    DVD Drives make annoying sound

    Hi. I have a really really annoying problem with my drives... I built a hackintosh a couple of weeks now, and I have came across with many problems which I've solve till now but this is a really frustrating one and I can't find any solution. My DVD drives do the startup / initialization sound...
  7. zerotdesign

    ML: Can't boot up after running Multibeast

    First hackintosh build using everything listed in Tonymacx86's CustoMac Pro 2013 build: SPECS: -NVidia GeForce 670 graphics card -Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H motherboard -Samsung 830 256GB SSD drive (currently formatted to MS-DOS, no partition) -DVD...
  8. evetsmd

    1st Hackintosh - ML & Win8 - basic startup question please!

    Hello is Steve, this is my first Hackintosh build but not first PC build.... Followed the July CustoMac suggestions rather closely: Core i7-3770K GA-Z77X-UD5H Sandisk Extreme II SDSSDXP-120G SataIII Corsair Vengeance LP 16Gig Corsair HX750 PS Corsair 500R case My plan is dual boot...
  9. vernstein

    [SOLVED]Bad display Config Block Signature - EVGA 670

    Fixed. Delete please.
  10. LarzJ

    Mac Startup Chime V2 - Using Arduino

    I've made a new apple chime PCB I use an Arduino ISD 1820. From Dealextreame: The chime plays when power is on. I short the play button. I use the original speaker of the G5. Preview...
  11. Xponia

    Hackintosh Freezes After Startup

    Hello all, I recently installed Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on a homebrew Fusion Drive. Everything was working great (restart, shutdown, sleep, iMessage) until I started it up after it had been off all night and it freezes almost immediately. It wont boot into safemode (causes Kernel panic), and no...
  12. titatom

    progress bar and computer shut down

    Hello. I have this problem since this morning : I recently did a clean OSX ML 10.8.2 clean install. Everything worked very well during the week end and I could reinstall all my apps. Now, all of a sudden, when I boot, I get the spinning wheel with a progress bar underneath. As soon as the...
  13. Skidoo23

    Internet stops working and have to restart my router and computer to get it to work.

    This does not happen every time I turn my hackintosh on but it does happen pretty often. When I turn on my computer sometimes the internet does not work, so I have to restart my hackintosh and my router at the same time to get it to work. Also this may be unrelated, but if I have to restart my...
  14. paladiex

    Need help with multibeast options, constant freezing at startup.

    Computer Specs: i-5-3570k LGA 1155 GA-Z77-DS3H LGA 1155 Corsair Vengeance 8gb of RAM (2x4gb) I've only been using 4gb for initial install I followed I'm new to building a hackintosh but I'd like to get this one...
  15. Dodo95

    Proper Boot Device Error

    Hi I always get Please insert proper boo device at the Startup how to fix it ? First Boot Device is the DVD Drive and 2nd one is Hard Drive. Chimera 1.11.1 is installed. Everytime when i press manual boot from DVD Drive than it works but not automatic.
  16. mpalomba3

    Kernel Panic on startup sometimes

    Hello all, I just ordered a Galaxy GEforce GT 430 graphics card. It works great but sometimes when I boot up I get a kernel panic. I think it is because of the graphics card. I will post a pic. Does anyone have any suggestions? If it is the graphics card can someone tell me which one. I would...