1. buddhov

    Chimera doesn't work

    Hi there guys! I have an issue with Chimera bootloader. I would appreciate any help so thanx in advance, I'm not really experienced in it. The problem is that I tried to solve an issue of a long startup (and yes I've changed VGA and so on in BIOS and that didn't help) and decided that if I...
  2. Multimoss

    Freezing On Startup

    Hi guys, Ever since Yosemite, my computer has been freezing on startup and it also wont shut off sometimes. It doesn't happen every time so i just switch it off and on till it runs.. I want to sort it. Have you guys got any ideas? Any help would be MUCH appreciated.
  3. PJE

    Slower boot to the desktop

    Good evening, Last year I built my first Hackintosh. It's worked like a charm so far, but since yesterday, it takes several minutes to boot to desktop. The wheel at the grey startup screen with the Apple logo will spin for 5-6 minutes before loading the desktop (until yesterday the complete...
  4. kenia1234

    [Solved] Clover Very Slow to start up

    Hi! I installed El capitan on my machine using unibeast 6 and it seems to work very very well except for two things : audio (AD1988B, not even seen by the OS, and so I'm using nVidia HDMI audio, but that's another story) and a strange sluggish thing at boot. The PC takes around 4 seconds...
  5. Ezzyme

    [SOLVED] Yosemite hangs halfway through Apple progress bar

    Not sure if I should have posted in graphics section becaus this just started after I installed a 780 TI graphics card. I installed the latest Nvidia drivers before I installed the card and restarted the computer fine. Pic of verbose below:
  6. F4LL3N

    "boot0" error halts startup

    I built the computer using the parts listed below in my sig, booted with a Unibeast USB and installed drivers with multibeast. The boot from the USB loaded so I could install the OS np. But when I restart the computer, I get this error: did I install the wrong drivers or something? How do I...
  7. colemonster

    Won't boot after deleting preferences

    I have a hackintosh I built using a tutorial I found here. Its been working great for over a year and I keep it up to date. However after upgrading to Yosemite I noticed that iMessage wasn't working. I followed a tutorial that told me to add some module to the extras folder, delete some...

    Startup and Shutdown issues

    I have looked over the forums and have yet to find a solution to my problem. This build works great when it starts properly. My problem is in both the startup and shutdown operations. Startup: About every other time turn on the computer it will get to the apple screen and then shut off the...
  9. MarioT

    Inconsistent Startup Issue, Please Help!

    Hi everyone, I've been getting this text on loading OSX Yosemite, not always, but about 70% of the time this will happen, 30% it will work no problem. I tried changing the boot option to PO instead of UEFI, and that worked perfectly for a while but then it started happening again. I've tried...
  10. Pmontanaro

    Need help post installation with OS X Mavericks

    Hi all, I've had my Hackintosh build for about a year now, and I've had some issues that I've been able to put up with the whole time but now I really want to do something about it. The issues are as follows: - I always have to have to boot off the USB I made to install OS X in the first...
  11. Vifax2522

    Yosemite Start Crash

    Hi, I have Asrock motherboard Intel i5 Prosessor Msi gtx 760 When i boot the hackingtosh instalation usb and choose mac install it makes a flash and reboots. Now i have tried with both Unibeast and Clover but neither of them work. I have also tried with diffrent boot flags but with no luck
  12. kenpichal

    Startup from HDD but still trough Clovermenu

    Hi, I installed Mavericks in my HDD using clover. I did the post install, so now I don't have to use the USB-stick for booting. But when I restart, I stil have to go trough the Clover menu: - Choose the HDD - Entering my boot flags. Can someone help me wit this issue? I did some changes on...
  13. acsdog

    Freeze on startup

    My hackintosh running Yosemite was working fine for the last few weeks until I installed the USB 3.0 kext. Then, I get this on startup:
  14. ganzomoreno

    Startup problem

    Hi, can someone PLEASE tell me what the image means? One out of two times when I startup my hackintosh it gives me this screen. I have to force the reset. Thanks
  15. clabella608

    Hard Drive Issues

    So I was using my computer the other day and the sound wasnt working so i restarted the machine. while restarting some blue screen with a few options popped up and before i could read it i reflexively pressed a button. Next thing I know os x starts loading only to freeze on he load screen with...
  16. angelo.alago

    Stuck on Apple Logo and Gear Brand New Build and Installation

    CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H97N-WIFI Mini ITX LGA1150 Motherboard Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 660...
  17. JohnVella

    Mavericks only starts in safe mode

    Hi, I finally built my new PC and installed OS X Mavericks, as per the instructions given from this brilliant website, but I've got a slight problem. The machine gets stuck at the apple logo screen and the only way to get into OS X is to use the -x switch at startup. Could someone please give...
  18. pkbhat

    Please help installing bootloader

    I recently installed Mavericks into my Lenovo z570 i3 2nd gen Laptop. Installation went smooth. I managed to set up everything except bootloader. Problem is I can only boot into Mavericks with my installation USB drive. I even tried installing Chimera, chemeleon independently. But no use. I get...
  19. EzEmm3tt

    Converting prebuilt PC into Hackintosh with separate Windows startup disk

    To start, I didn't build this thing. My friend and I paid another guy to build it so we can do professional video editing. It was running strictly Windows but we've decided that we want it running Mavericks so we can run some Mac apps on it. We also still want to run Windows on it for various...
  20. iExchange

    GTX750 - stuck at "NVDAStartup: Web" on boot

    Hello everyone, I have a GTX750 1GB GDDR5 card. After I installed my 10.9.3 hackintosh, it does not recognise my graphics card. So I installed the Nvidia alternate graphics drivers for OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 and changed the required kernel flag correctly. After that I restarted the computer and...