1. SilconHAckintosh

    It's not a real Hackintosh without this Clover startup sound

    DOWNLOAD WAV FILE Put this .WAV into your /EFI/CLOVER/themes/Your_Theme_Name
  2. ColeSkory

    All of the sudden, Hackintosh won't boot. Can't even get to Clover Boot Screen

    I had my Hackintosh system working 100% percent. Graphics were working, I had iMessage and facetime, it was the whole deal. Last night, my computer was going slow and kept freezing up whenever I did any small task, so I restarted it. However, when it booted back up, It would boot straight back...
  3. Matsue2012

    [Solved] Cannot Change Name of Destination Drive

    Hello, I would like to change the name of the drive in which I am booting the MacOS from (Name: High Sierra), however, when I did change the name, I now need to manually press the drive to boot from in clover each time I turn the computer on. I did change the name in the config.plist using...
  4. Prabhakar

    [Solved] ERROR: Your Computer was restarted because of this problem

    Hello, Took a whole day to install OS 10.12.6 and installed Nvdea Webdriver too. Hackintosh is booting fine now. But I'm getting this Error report on every boot why ? Anonymous UUID: AAD0C52F-FD64-3929-E005-13273E0754AB Wed Sep 5 01:02:56 2018 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 3 caller...
  5. yllapilate

    How to control if white or black boot screen (Apple logo + loader status) is displayed?

    When my system starts up it was black with a white Apple logo and white loading bar. Looked really nice. Then when I switched to the proper iMac13,2 system, it switched back to the ugly white screen with black Apple logo and loader bar. How can one control which screen is shown at startup so...
  6. artissmo

    [Solved] MacBookPro mid-2010 and FakeSMC.kext startup hang

    [edit - sorry but this didn't file in the correct section, and I can't move or delete the post. Would some admin kindly move it to the High Sierra Laptop or Mac OS section, whichever is applicable? Thanks!) Hi All! Thanks for this highly informative forum :) The Issue: - I've just installed a...
  7. Filouman

    [Solved] Stuck at Apple logo after 10.13.3 update

    Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of help here— hack is booting and gets stuck at Apple logo after update to 10.13.3. Installation proceeeded without problem; restarted, then installed Nvidia driver updated, and restarted again... Everything seemed OK, booted quickly, no graphics problems as others...
  8. jdavidson

    CPU Overheating after reaching desktop during startup

    I'm running 10.13.2 with a i7-6700k overclocked to 4.7GHz. In December I started having issues where the CPU would overheat and shutdown seconds after reaching the desktop after startup. I read through these forums and found some people suggesting that this had to do with the "Month 13 is Out of...
  9. TheTrollCaptain

    No sound on startup

    So I am having trouble getting the sound to work on startup. Currently when I start up the machine, I am able to change the volume but I can't hear the feedback sound (which I have enabled). The only way to get the sound to function is log in, open system preferences, and reselect the sound...
  10. TomMan7531

    Sierra Freezing after Startup

    Hi, So I have been having major issues with my install of Sierra. The issue is that all of a sudden when you start it up it boots to the homescreen very slowly and then after a few seconds it freezes completely, however in safe mode this doesn't happen. It seemed to do it after I did the...
  11. Ugg321

    Intermittent Display on Startup - No Display / Graphics Card not Receiving Power

    I'm a first time Hackintosh builder, and my computer is up and running with the exception of one remaining issue. When I push the power button on the case, about 50% of the time everything works fine. I see the fans on the graphics card kicking in, the Gigabyte boot menu displays on the...
  12. yekki

    Why verbose ??

    My laptop is Lenovo x220( hd4400 & cpu i5-2520M), I've installed 10.12 successfully. My question is: If I boot without -v flag, it will not startup successful, black screen. If I add -v flag, it will startup successfully! Why?? As my understood, -v just turn on verbose, it will affect nothing...
  13. Nosha

    Lost Signal In Boot, Only Boots With -v -f

    Hello guys, im having this problem since I install Yosemite. The only way to boot properly is to start with -v -f I used Unibeast and Multibeast. The Hacki hangs with errors or video problems, it can be used for 5 minutes or days after it boots like this but suddenly it hangs! Any help...
  14. buddhov

    Chimera doesn't work

    Hi there guys! I have an issue with Chimera bootloader. I would appreciate any help so thanx in advance, I'm not really experienced in it. The problem is that I tried to solve an issue of a long startup (and yes I've changed VGA and so on in BIOS and that didn't help) and decided that if I...
  15. Multimoss

    Freezing On Startup

    Hi guys, Ever since Yosemite, my computer has been freezing on startup and it also wont shut off sometimes. It doesn't happen every time so i just switch it off and on till it runs.. I want to sort it. Have you guys got any ideas? Any help would be MUCH appreciated.
  16. PJE

    Slower boot to the desktop

    Good evening, Last year I built my first Hackintosh. It's worked like a charm so far, but since yesterday, it takes several minutes to boot to desktop. The wheel at the grey startup screen with the Apple logo will spin for 5-6 minutes before loading the desktop (until yesterday the complete...
  17. kenia1234

    [Solved] Clover Very Slow to start up

    Hi! I installed El capitan on my machine using unibeast 6 and it seems to work very very well except for two things : audio (AD1988B, not even seen by the OS, and so I'm using nVidia HDMI audio, but that's another story) and a strange sluggish thing at boot. The PC takes around 4 seconds...
  18. Ezzyme

    [SOLVED] Yosemite hangs halfway through Apple progress bar

    Not sure if I should have posted in graphics section becaus this just started after I installed a 780 TI graphics card. I installed the latest Nvidia drivers before I installed the card and restarted the computer fine. Pic of verbose below:
  19. F4LL3N

    "boot0" error halts startup

    I built the computer using the parts listed below in my sig, booted with a Unibeast USB and installed drivers with multibeast. The boot from the USB loaded so I could install the OS np. But when I restart the computer, I get this error: did I install the wrong drivers or something? How do I...
  20. colemonster

    Won't boot after deleting preferences

    I have a hackintosh I built using a tutorial I found here. Its been working great for over a year and I keep it up to date. However after upgrading to Yosemite I noticed that iMessage wasn't working. I followed a tutorial that told me to add some module to the extras folder, delete some...