startup error

  1. Young

    mojave startup interface is wrong please help me!

    Notebook model:Thinkpad T460P CPU:i5-6440HQ Core display:HD530 BIOS settings Secure Boot--->Disabled UEFI/Legacy BOOT--->UEFI Only CSM Support--->No Attachment is my EFI file Error:
  2. cramletram

    GTX 980 Ti no signal AT ALL... most of the time

    So, before I go out and buy a new graphics card, I was wondering if anyone can help. I can't find a single thread about this issue, which tells me it might be my Craigslist GTX 980 Ti 6GB card failing. Or perhaps a PSU or RAM issue? BIOS needs updating? Here's the scoop: When I boot up, 80%...