starting darwin x86_64

  1. Beckertrekker

    [SOLVED] Hackintosh keeps rebooting after Bios Update

    Hey there I use chimera as my boot loader. After I switched my cpu (from i5 4590 to i7 4770k) and Updated my Bios, the Bootloader restarts after Starting Darwin x86_64. Can someone help or send the link to a similar question? I´ve already tried the usual Bootflags, with and without the...
  2. robbyj

    Stuck on: "Starting Darwin x86_64"

    I am attempting to install OS X Mavericks on my Laptop. While booting, I get stuck a gray screen with an apple logo in the middle. No error message is shown. When I boot with the option -v The line: starting darwin x86_64 is displayed and then nothing but a black screen is shown. Guide I am...
  3. AlexLorton

    Installing yosemite 10.10.5 on my toshiba satellite p55

    when trying to boot from the usb for the first time i get into the boot loader just fine but when i click on the yosemite option it goes black blinks the apple logo then back to the boot loader. i ran this in verbose mode to see where things were going wrong. it looked fine until it hit starting...