start up

  1. Leonardo22

    When startup reaches about 70% the screen blacks out

    Hello, My hackintosh has Mojave and it always worked, now when I boot up on my os x partition the startup bar reaches at about three quaters of completion and suddenly the screen turns black, there is only my acer screen saying (no signal). Eventually even that message disappears. if you...
  2. Howking

    Catalina run the last running applications after the start ven though I have not chosen it.

    From the beginning I have the problem with Catalina that he run the last running applications after the start even though I have not chosen it before restart. It even triggers them even if I end them manualy before restarting. Nowhere on the net I can not find that someone else has solves it. Is...
  3. Hawaga

    [Solved] Clover boot way too long

    Hi, I recently installed High Sierra on my Customac Z77-UP5-TH. Everything is working great except an incredibly slow and long time at boot stage with clover until I reach clover menu (from startup till "scan entries, user settings etc...") like 1 minute The computer previously used to boot...
  4. rna23

    Computer starts up after shut down

    Hi everybody, my computer is having a strange behavior, which came with the motherboard I have. Every time I shut down the computer, I must unplug it from the electricity socket, otherwise it would start up again by itself. After shut down the HDD led is blinking in an "unhealthy" way. To...
  5. sp00m

    [SOLVED] Panic cpu caller error - Set up from Time Machine

    Build: gigabyte z170 ud5 th evga gtx 970 Samsung 950 m.2 mvme i7 6700k vengeance lxp ram (2x16gb) Issue: I had an old mac mini that I backed up using time machine before I sold it. Now that I have my hackintosh built I was trying restore from the backup. All seemed to work well. I installed...
  6. lateralaus

    CustoMac mATX Post installation tidy up and bugs

    Hi everyone I reinstalled Yosemite 10.10.4 on my mATX build yesterday morning. So far, some things have been a little buggy, such as: Booting up (error screen shown below) I had to restart four times this morning to reach the login screen. This seems to have worsened since I used MultiBeast...
  7. Ambpi

    Help! New to Hackintosh - OS X won't start.

    I bought my first hackintosh a couple of days ago. It worked just fine until this morning where it wouldn't start. It get's stuck at the loading screen, where the apple logo and loading bar disappear and this pops up: It goes nowhere from there. i haven't changed much since last start up. i...
  8. RobertPaulson

    Kernel Panic. Post Multibeast 6.1.0 on 10.9.2 i7 4770K z87x-ud3h gtx770

    Hi guys.. This is my first build. I've used the latest unibeast and multibeast to install mavericks 10.9.2. The build is pretty compatible from what I understand. All from THE list. I7 4770K gigabyte z87x-ud3h asus gtx770 16mb RAM 256GB Samsung 840 pro two other WD 1tb 7200rpm drives in...
  9. isleankirker

    Stuck at Startup, after Mavericks 9.1 Update... after working with sound

    Hi. I got Mavericks Update 9.1 up and going, with sound, no problem. All I did was initiate Itunes, and convert some mp3s and such into Itunes... then.. I get stuck at startup. The timer just goes for 5-8 minutes or so and just shuts down. WTF please help
  10. SZagata

    White Screen Every Time

    Hello, I am attempting to complete the build on my computer which includes: Z77X-UD5h Mother Board, Intel I7 4 Core, Geforce GTX 670 Graphic Card SSD, 16 gigs ram, 650 watt power, 500R case All recommended configurations. I have formatted my SSD drive multiple times, swapped out a 1T drive to...
  11. stcody57

    Z77x-UD3H problem.

    I've got a build with a z77x-ud3h and a i7-3770k LGS 1155. I have 4GB of DDR3 1333Mhz Ram onboard. My new drive is attached to one of the 3GB/s headers. My monitor is plugged into the DVI PORT. I have optimized bios, unplugged peripherals except keyboard, mouse, Unibeast USB drive, and new...