1. pokeperla21

    Autostart problems

    I have problems with macOS. I already installed the operating system and all the kexts, but, my computer turns on by itself if I move the mouse or press any key. How can I prevent my computer from turning itself on? Hardware: CPU: Intel Core i3 6100 Motherboard: GA-B150M-D3H-GSM GPU: Nvidia GTX 950
  2. iFission

    Noise at Start Up Apple Logo

    Hi, Whenever my hackintosh starts up, there will be a hissing noise when the screen is showing the apple logo, before the password screen. The audio is from onboard audio connected to a pair of pc speakers via the back. Tested with headphones connected to the back and there is still the noise...
  3. kris

    Bluetooth off

    Can I do something to the start up sequence to avoid waiting for the Bluetooth (which I don't have and don't need)?
  4. isleankirker

    Stuck at Startup, after Mavericks 9.1 Update... after working with sound

    Hi. I got Mavericks Update 9.1 up and going, with sound, no problem. All I did was initiate Itunes, and convert some mp3s and such into Itunes... then.. I get stuck at startup. The timer just goes for 5-8 minutes or so and just shuts down. WTF please help