1. Pinchey

    Unibeast USB bootloader for Mojave freezing

    Hi all, This is my first attempt at a Hackintosh and I have searched extensively, but unfortunately I cannot find a solution, so i was hoping someone could help me, please. I have a Gigabyte z370HD3P which I have flashed with the most recent firmware (F11b), the processor is a i7 8700 and the...
  2. radisce

    IOGraphicsAccelerator2 Sierra Lag

    Hi, after installing Sierra on my machine a strange behavior has started to happen. When I leave the Desktop inactive for an amount of time, let's say 10 minutes, and then start to use it again the OS hangs for 30-45 seconds, I can still move the cursor but the interface is freeze, after that...
  3. Comfortablynumb

    Yosemite unibeast install hanging

    Hello Everyone, I've been trying to build my Hackintosh for a couple of days now and im having a couple of issues. I followed the directions on Beelzebozo's 9 series build guide to the letter and up to this point been able ot get snow leopard up, which allowed me to make a Yosemite USB boot...
  4. terrasi2

    Installation keeps getting stuck

    I've tried different USB ports on my Dell Studio 1558 laptop. The USB drive is good, I made it on my Mountain Lion iMac. It hangs on this line: com_lnx2mac_RealtekRTL81xx: Ethernet address (ethernet address here)