1. Filouman

    [Solved] Stuck at Apple logo after 10.13.3 update

    Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of help here— hack is booting and gets stuck at Apple logo after update to 10.13.3. Installation proceeeded without problem; restarted, then installed Nvidia driver updated, and restarted again... Everything seemed OK, booted quickly, no graphics problems as others...
  2. tddrmllr

    Update to 10.13.2 stalls

    Recently upgraded to 10.13.2, but the restart stalled on the loading screen. I then tried rebooting in safe mode, but ended up on a black screen. I could move the cursor around, but couldn't do anything. I then rebooted in verbose mode, but I don't know what I'm looking at. See screenshot for...
  3. leojoy

    El Capitan and legacy USB support - stalled upgrade

    Z87X-D3HKinston 120GB SSD 8GB RAM in a single slot EUFI 4770K at 3.5GHz On board 4600 graphics Was running 10.10.5 Following the guide, I used Unibeast to make a bootable 16GB USB drive: GUID, 1 partition. The latest Unibeast installed Clover Version 2.3K Using F12, I am able to get to the...