1. Finneuru

    Refusing new kext's and kextd stall

    Got my build working without the GTX960, started installing updates when it suddenly wouldn't go to the macOS. The Machine was in the Apple logo screen with a full loadbar for around 30 minutes and didn't go anywhere from there. Launched with -v, -x to see this: I have no clue what to do now...

    macOS Mojave kextd stall AppleACPICPU and Unsupported PCH

    I have followed RehabMan's guide to prepare the bootable macOS Mojave USB. However I'm stuck with the said error. I tried recreating the bootable medium twice to no avail. Problem Reporting files have been attached.
  3. danhelmstedt

    Unable to boot macOS on a 2014 Mac Mini

    I'm at a loss on this one. I've got a standard 2014 2.8ghz i5/HD5100 Mac Mini that just won't boot macOS. No matter what, I'm getting kextd stall IGPU. Things I've tried: -Reset SMC, NVRAM -Safe mode -Apple diagnostics (passed with flying colours) -Following Apple's instructions in creating a...
  4. machaj73

    How to solve Error kextd NVDAgl IOResources

    Hello! Last time have I a problem with my Hackintosh. I have't this problem: I have this resolved. Then welcome to my Tutorial! This come when we instal the Nvidia Web Drivers. Name of the first error is: kextd stall[0], (60s): 'NDAgl', 'IOResources' and by the second error is stall[1]...
  5. waltvonfrankenstein

    [SUCCESS] i7-6700 / HD530 / ASUS Z170-A / Sierra 10.12.2 - slow boot?

    i7-6700 Skylake CPU onboard HD530 graphics / updated to AMD Radeon 7970 ASUS Z170-A motherboard Sierra 10.12.2 downloaded from Apple I offer a few notes because there are issues in my install, and while everything seems to be "mostly" working I do see a slow boot right now (50+ seconds) a lot...
  6. loureads

    Yosemite stalls mid logo screen.

    So I got past the Boot0 error and now I have this issue. The OSX side won't load up unless I start in safe mode. If launch without -x it gets to the Apple logo screen and then the grey bar gets about 1/2 way then slows to a crawl and eventually stops progressing at all. I started with -v and...
  7. DeclanZee

    Working installation stalls on Apple Logo when I add Ethernet driver (AppleIntelE1000e)

    Hello community, and thanks for the ongoing assistance both direct and indirect. I am working through my first build, very methodically at this point after my initial week of frustration. At this point I have a successful Yosemite boot up on my system, though with no supporting drivers...
  8. DeclanZee

    Clone of working drive stalls during boot-up (Apple logo with progress bar)

    Hello all, I'm new at this but being rapidly schooled during my week and a half of installs, failed installs, forum reading and persisting in trying to get my first build up and running. Thank you to the community and many who have posted over the months and years to help me get as far as I...
  9. Aionos7

    May the forum GOD's be with me. Lion went bad after system update, now can't fresh install Mountain

    Preface: Had a very smooth Lion install using Unibeast back in February. Super stable no problems except for loosing audio after system update back in April - easy fix using multibeast. Three days ago my audio disappeared again. . Using multibeast I did the standard procedure. Upon...