1. modpod

    Need recommendations on a board that supports 32GB out of the box

    My current machine uses a GA-Z87X-D3H and has been nothing but problems with more than 2 X 4GB of memory. I have searched the forums, and apparently lots of people are having problems with Z87X boards when they install more than two sticks of memory. There are some possible solutions by tweaking...
  2. adimix

    Is it worth to build it?

    Can you help please? Hi everybody! I'm glad I found site like this. I'm planing to build my first machine with OS X(10.10) I decide to do that, cos I don't like Apple politics anymore plus it's cheaper. I need desktop for: -OS X - Music production/sound design (Logic/Ableton running 32...
  3. fjnorb

    Rock solid FireWire card?

    First let me say GOD BLESS YOU TonyMac. I have wanted to run OSX on PC hardware for ages, but I have work I have to do on MacOS. That's not a rip, please don't misunderstand. I'm just not a hobbyist hacker (sometimes I wish I was) for whom Hackintoshing is about the journey, not the destination...
  4. jayslim123


    hey im a student, audio engineer, and ever since i touched osx, its been my favorite, except for the wallet eating monster that comes with it.!!!! Anyways this is what im looking for, (but open to other suggestion) BUDGET: 550$ max Purpose: Audio engineering, i just want recomendation...
  5. earlhackintosh

    a stable hackintosh?

    Hello! I have a few questions regarding hackintosh stability and would appreciate any feedback you all can offer. Thanks in advance for the feedback! If I am looking for a rock solid/mostly rock solid computing experience close to an actual mac should I go with a hackintosh or buy a full...
  6. ksood

    how to get my hackintosh more stable

    i have been running a hackintosh for a few months and i have it working pretty well, but if possible i would like it more stable as it does crash a bit. photos below are my multibeast settings, my geek bench score is about 12800 and my specs are in my signature. So basically how can i get it...