1. gistomin

    AppleALC patch

    Hi! I want to patch AppleALC, from this (AppleALC): to this (VoodooHDA): So, I want to split one "Headphones" into several devices (headphnes, speaker, etc). I think, for this I need to patch SSDT My OS version: 10.15.3 (19D76)
  2. athiqbe

    patching DSDT unfixable errors

    so i exported dsdt and ssdts with clover disassembled them .. faced 4 syntax errors .. tried to fix them with some patches .. i noticed when i apply the wak arg 0 patch the errors goes away but i face 2 new errors somthing with parseop scop end file .. i attached my dsdt to check it out if you...
  3. davgusm

    Help in correcting errors in SSDT code!!

    } If (LEqual (\_SB.GGOV (0x02010016), One)) { Sleep (0x96) If (LEqual (\_SB.GGOV (0x02010014), One)){} Else...
  4. professoramx

    Seeking help with Thunderbolt/Audio issues - Lenovo ThinkPad P53 15.6" 4K OLED - Coffee Lake i7-9750H - Intel UHD 630

    Hey guys, I have a ThinkPad P53 that is able to dual boot and I am seeking some help to get my current SSDT/hotpatch tweaked so my internal speakers and Thunderbolt are functional. As of this post I am successfully dual booting Windows 10 and macOS 10.15.2 (running on separate NVMe drives). I...
  5. lloyddominic26

    ACPI Error while booting, but not while compiling to AML

    I want to patch the DSDT of my laptop to be able for VoodooI2C to work. I extracted all my ACPI files from Clover by pressing the F4 key. I only patched the DSDT to include all the needed patches for VoodooI2C. I patched the DSDT and fixed all the errors in the DSDT and the SSDTs, then I...
  6. lloyddominic26

    Result is not used, operator has no effect

    I am trying to fix SSDT-5-ACRPRDCT because it is giving me two errors. One of which is this: 6114 Result is not used, operator has no effect And it is showing that the error is present in this line: DerefOf (Index (SCLK, One)) Attached here is the SSDT-5-ACRPRDCT.dsl. Let me know if you...
  7. ChickenMcDerps

    Having Multiple SSDT's? Issue with USB Ports.

    Hey there guys, I am running into an issue. I was FINALLY able to fix my sleep problem, which was occurring due to the fact that I have a GTX 1080 in my second slot, so I had to create a custom SSDT to patch it out. Now all of my sleep and shutdown issues are gone. However, now for whatever...
  8. fpazcas


    Hi, I've been here for several days but I'm stuck in this. My machine is complete only FireWire not implemented, many attempts but too noob here. I hope someone will ever watch to me, it's the second thread that I open. A little disappointed.
  9. ThatCopy

    Solved > HELP! SSDT Patching on an Asus X555L

    I am trying to disable the dGPU on my Asus X555L (Geforce 930M) and I ran into a issue with SSDT-10 (there is the Method (_OFF, 0, Serialized) // _OFF: Power Off) When I click "Compile" it gives me these errors even when i didnt make any changes I attached the files bellow. In the SSDT-9 there...
  10. originalmagneto

    REQUEST: USB configuration files (kexts + ssdt/dsdt) for GIGABYTE H270N-WIFI motherboard

    I have a working hack. It's been running for years. Very reliable, stable. however, from the beginning, I'm having problems with sleep. I always turn off the computer, because sleep is not reliable. I have been using the USB port limit patch, but some time ago a tried patching the USBs...
  11. sisantander

    X299 + bifurcation NVMe + SAS + wifi configuration hell

    Howdy, I've never reached out for help before but I'm having issues I can't solve. Followed KGP's great guide but my specialized tweaking is a problem. I'm open to any combination of the following hardware but because of certain limitations (Hyper X M.2 quad card can't go in Slot 3 or 6, if I...
  12. benas1989

    Dell Inspiron 5570 Mojave USB problem

    Hi, Sorry for the bad English. By this guide I'm trying solve my Hackintosh usb problems. When I connect USB3.0 flash drive to USB3 socket. One time he connect to SS03 next time same disk connect to...
  13. AlexOwl

    Solved > (DELETE)

    Please delete this thread
  14. GridH

    Problem with fn keys remap

    Hi, I have an HP laptop which has two special buttons that don't work under MacOS: f4 (calls a menu regarding multi-screen display under Windows) and f12 (with an airplane logo, no idea what it is). I want to remap them to extended fn keys so that I can use them as shortcuts. I used Karabiner...
  15. xrep

    Rog Strix Rog Strix z370 gaming (wifi ac) + Fenvi T919

    Hi guys, I am trying to get my bluetooth (via Fenvi) working. After fresh install, bluetooth was working but most of USB ports wasn't. I had USBInjectAll.kext with no special setting. I followed Pastrychef's guide...
  16. JackJohnJack

    General question about the benefit of extensive DSDT/SSDT patching

    Hello everyone, I have a general question: what is the benefit of working really hard on DSDT/SSDT patching? I've been using a laptop hackintosh at work for two years, I've (hot)patched what needed most fixing (battery, touchpad, usb, ...) but never spent the time and effort to tend towards...
  17. JackJohnJack

    General question about the extent of DSDT/SSDT patching

    Hello everyone, I have a general question: what is the benefit of working really hard on DSDT/SSDT patching? I've been using a laptop hackintosh at work for two years, I've (hot)patched what needed most fixing (battery, touchpad, usb, ...) but never spent the time and effort to tend towards...
  18. NorthAmTransAm

    KGP's Guide ARPT

    I cannot wrap my head around this guide. Has anyone had any luck or can break it down for me or nudge me in the right direction? @kgp
  19. Akat4

    USB; SSDT fails and can't boot: i9, Z390 Aorus Master

    Hi all, would love your help! After days my USB functionality won't work. With USB SSDT it instead wont boot. The Problem: Most ports were unrecognized aside from front usb2. I used USBscript to map and generate a SSDT-UIAC.aml, but it won't boot. I’m using a USB stick to get to clover and...
  20. JohnnyWolinger

    [REQ] Custom SSDT FAN for Acer F5-573G

    Hi community and @RehabMan , i have Acer F5-573G laptop, installed FakeSMC and SMCSensors, but in HWMonitor not show fan information and noise of fan its terrible and temperature sometime its higher than 70º, have a way to fix this with custom SSDT-FAN? I found SSDT-FAN code for Asus and some...