spinning ball of death.

  1. FireAlarm321

    Dell XPS-8500 Help

    Hi, I have a Dell XPS-8500 that I have decided to Hackintosh, but whenever I boot the installer, AFTER VERBOSE BOOT, I get a white screen with a movable spinning beach ball of death. I used Unibeast and laptop support to create the USB. My specs in this PC are different than the ones in my...
  2. synergiance

    Sierra installer Spinny beach ball gray screen no working mouse

    When I use the sierra updater and reboot, I just get to a gray screen with the spinning beach ball cursor and neither the mouse nor the keyboard seem to work. I tested the keyboard by pressing the caps lock key and the light didn't turn on. My laptop is the HP ProBook 4530s, core i3 and...
  3. chiefhowie

    Dell Lat E5400 i5

    I tried many ways to install Yosemite without success on Dell 5420 I install on an HP Sat , ran well. took the HD from HP Sat and installed in the E5420. Everything worked except wifi. used usb NetGear wifi. Ran great for a few days, now I get the spinning ball after I enter my password. tried...