spectre x360

  1. johnyg07

    HP Spectre - Laptop hangs after wake from sleep - no display

    Hi, I am facing problem with my HP spectre. I had Mojave then I upgraded to Catalina but there were several issues. So I restored the CCC backup of mojave. I upgraded the BIOS and had to redo the patching. Now I have everything working except the after wake from sleep - the screen is blank and...
  2. jm52262

    Solved > Help with HP Spectre x360 and 10.14.5, UHD 620 Issues

    Solution: I've been trying my best to get 10.14.5 to work on my HP Spectre x360, but I'm running into issues with the Intel GPU (i7-8565U/UHD 620/Whiskey Lake) and I'm at my wits end at...
  3. ctxdl

    [Guide] High Sierra on HP Spectre x360 8th Gen Coffee Lake

    Hello everyone, so maybe there are other people around with the HP Spectre x360, Coffee Lake or 8th gen intel processor. I will post here what I have recompiled from different threads and of course with the very helpful guides from @RehabMan. If you have some suggestions or better solutions to...
  4. besttech

    [solved] Clover Stuck on Row of Plus Signs when booting from SSD

    Hello, I recently install high Sierra 10.13.3 on my HP Spectre x360 15t. The installation boots fine when booting from my install USB, but when the installation is booted from clover on the SSD, the installation stalls on a row of plus signs shown in the clover verbose.jpg. It is puzzling...
  5. LuisYu5f

    Black Screen on Intel HD 620/Geforce 940MX HDMI Works

    Hello. I have been having problems getting Sierra to work on my HP Spectre x360 Laptop (Kaby Lake), it installs fine the display works but without graphics acceleration and after i install the "Intel HD 6**" option from multibeast the display stops working but now i have graphics acceleration...
  6. SkullD3mon

    Intel HD 520 Problem

    Hey guys, I really want to update my guide for the Spectre x360. But since I am getting stuck with the error as seen in the picture I need your help. I have the Intel HD 520 and macOS GM installed. Ig-Platform-Id: 19160000 not working *AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer Booting with: Inject...
  7. SkullD3mon

    [Guide] Sierra on HP Spectre x360

    Outdated: I don't have time to update this guide. I will get to it when I do sorry... Therefore read the posts :). Careful: macOs Sierra is still in beta! Please do not install on main partition! Since macOs Sierra is still in its beta stage I will not provide any details regarding bugs etc...
  8. SkullD3mon

    [Guide] Installing El Capitan on Spectre x360 (Skylake)

    Since I saw some people having issues with installing El Capitan on their Skylake Laptop I decided to write my own guide of how I accomplished the task. This guide will get updates from time to time. Alright lets get started. Laptop Model: Spectre x360 Processor: Skylake i7 (U6500)...