1. Loris

    Color calibration differences between OSX and Win

    Hi to everybody, i'm new and i have installed for the first time hackintosh on my pc (high sierra). Everything works really fine and the install was surprisingly smooth. I have only one thing to ask. I use a spyder4 express device to calibrate the workspace colors of my monitor. When i use it...
  2. matzeslr

    SSD is running out of space without a reason - Error: Snapshots/hidden copies?

    Hi guys, after a huge session with Premiere Pro I finally dumped everything on my 2nd drive to clean up the mess on my SSD, where SIERRA 10.12.3 etc. is running on. After checking the final free space on the SSD mysteriously I still do have an usage of 324 GB (500GB SSD). So I check the size...
  3. crazyboy24

    [Guide] Solving Media Kit reports not enough space on device for requested operation error!

    Hello, This is a guide which I decided to make after solving the problem "Media Kit reports not enough space on device for requested operation" on my laptop. Problem: Try to format a partition for installing Mac on your laptop, but it reports the above problem. Tried Deleting the partition...
  4. badawa

    Weird problem. HD used space keeps increasing

    I installed ML 10.8.2 a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to make various components work. Right now i need to get the HDMI audio working on my ga-h77-d3h. I am using the igp HD4000 (HD4000 works, last week was able to get the ethernet ar8161 recognized) Anyways tonight i was reading...