1. GeekboyX

    Lost sound after update to 10.12.6

    Straight to the point: Updated (via app store) to 10.12.6. Everything is fine EXCEPT that I have lost my sound - the headphone/speaker/whatever you want to call it output from the mobo has disappeared from the list of output choices. Browsing the forums I am seeing that other people with the...
  2. RealRain

    Fresh 10.13.4+ multibeast 10.2 DisplayPort No sound

    I successfully built a fresh hackintosh using unibeast 8.3.2 and macOS 10.13.4. But I can not active my audio by multibeast 10.2, which works fine when I used in 10.13.2-10.13.3 My monitor has two built-in speakers, and it is connected to my GTX1070 via DP port. My motherboard is ASUA z270-a...
  3. Angry

    Can't Play Video or Sound on my Customac Mini High Sierra Build

    So after much trial and error installing High Sierra OS, i got it up and running. See this thread on how i got it running My Specs are: -H270N-Wifi MotherBoard -Integrated Graphics -8 gb Vengeance DDR4 Memory -Intel Core i3-7100 I cant seem to play sound or stream videos on this build. There's...
  4. justaguymakingamac

    Bluetooth Audio High Sierra H170N-WiFi BCM94352Z

    Hi All! The problem: There is no Bluetooth audio from either my AirPods or PXC550 (both these worked in El Cap). I can pair with my AirPods and my PXC550 headphones, but when I try to play sound through them (selecting them in sound settings and playing YouTube or iTunes audio), I get no audio...
  5. NicoM4491

    Question, is the a way to Fix audio slide to obtain the full range of volume?

    Hello! Well, the question is on the title, is there a way to obtain the full range of volume in our hacks? The thing is that when i slide the bar of audio until the middle i obtain the lower value of sound, and in full slide i obtain a mid-high range of loudness, just to add more info and a...
  6. NicoM4491

    [solved] Lenovo Ideapad 310-15isk Sound not working High Sierra 10.13.3

    Hello, I'm having a lot of issues on trying to make the sound work on my laptop, first of all, sound was good on Sierra 10.12.6. The issue came first when i bought a compatible Wireless card BCM94352Z, i installed the kexts, did the patches, and issued the kextcache -i / (don't know why i do...
  7. Jer3780

    Installed High Sierra on thinkpad T410s

    I got it installed and mostly working. I have 2 main issues so far. The first is that The sound doesnt work. The second is that the graphics have some issues. There is a lot of flickering when logging in and I get a flickering white box under the cursor when I move it. I do have a 3rd issue. The...
  8. 11212

    [solved] Realtek sound card disappeared

    Hi! I have installed macOS 10.13.3, every device is working, except one: sound. I remember it was listed in DPCIManager when I started to post install, but now it's fully disappeared, only the Intel HDMI audio is there. How to get it back, what is wrong? :( The sound card is Realtek ALC269...
  9. SumanKhanra

    (Litte - Fixed )Intel Sandy Bridge - Intel - Nvdia

    System : Board : Intel DH61WW (Sandy Bridge Chipset) CPU : Intel® Core ™ i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz GPU : NVDIA GeForce 610 Problem : This is my first Hackintosh with second hand parts at very cheap price. I have successfully booted High Sierra 13.3 but there was so much problems like..... No Sound...
  10. Filouman

    [Solved] Stuck at Apple logo after 10.13.3 update

    Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of help here— hack is booting and gets stuck at Apple logo after update to 10.13.3. Installation proceeeded without problem; restarted, then installed Nvidia driver updated, and restarted again... Everything seemed OK, booted quickly, no graphics problems as others...
  11. Vitaminianos

    Realtek ALC 883 kext

    Hello guys, I've installed the EL Capitan macOS on my desktop PC (MB: ASUS P5K-VM; processor: Core 2 Quad Q9440; RAM: 8 Gb; HDD: 500 Gb). But I can't find kext for sound Realtek ALC 883 8-Channel High-Definition Audio CODEC. Could you help me in this issue?
  12. KrissViolense

    my PC has not sound

    Hello team! I have some trouble with my sound card! I installed Sierra on my PC, updated all drivers but sound card don't working
  13. slobodnium

    Mac OS Sierra - GIGABYTE GA-H81M-S2V rev.1.0

    I installed Sierra but i am having problem setting up the sound :( does anyone have this motherboard GA-H81M-S2V rev.1.0 with hackintosh and what drivers do you use ? i tried Multibeast Sierra version for Realtek audio 887 but it doesnt work :( it get an error when installing :(
  14. guillegomez

    [solved] ProBook 4540s No Audio After High Sierra Install

    No audio after After High Sierra clean install. Hp ProBook 4540s Intel core i7 Graphics: HD 4000 I tried Repair permissions and Rebuild cache but no luck. I'm attaching my config.plist Any ideas?
  15. rhubbar7

    Would a soundcard be the better choice?

    Would a soundcard be the better choice? I've been pulling my hair out trying to get sound out of my new motherboard. I don't remember having this much trouble with my Z87. What sound card would work out-of-the-box with a hackintosh? My MB is an Asus Prime Z270-A with Realtek S1220A codec. I've...
  16. tamashev

    How to enable Dolby on Sierra (IDT92HD87B2/4)

    Pavilion G7 2254sr Intel Core i5 3xxx Intel HD 4000 /AMD RADEON 7670M(disabled) 6GB RAM Sound chip: IDT92HD87B2/4 started Hello. I need to enable Dolby sound on Sierra. I enabled sound with AppleAlc method, but the sound is very quiet compared to Windows. On Windows the same quiet sound without...
  17. TYDCCO

    How do I enable 5.1 surround on macOS Sierra 10.12.4 -Hackintosh

    I was wondering if anyone was able to enable 5.1 surround on macOS Sierra. I have Logitech Z506 Surround Speaker set. The sound will only come out of the left and right channel speakers, and the Sub also works fine. The middle speaker and the left and right rear channel speakers do not work. If...
  18. Anoopkeshav


    Hi, I Just installed osx high sierra 10.13.1 on my system. Installed NVIDIA WEB Driver for my GTX650 card also. Display out is going through DVI cable and Connected SONY IV300 5.1 audio system via HDMI port from the Graphics card. But I can't activate sound .. Please help
  19. cjvangoey

    Can't pin down what's changing my HDEF layout-id

    I have Clover set to inject audio ID 1, which is necessary for the realtekALC (and a lot of other methods) patch. This worked great for awhile. One day I rebooted & the layout-id under my HDEF devices in IOReg seems to be always 5 now, and I'm not sure what's causing it. I know there's kexts...
  20. tom2craft

    Sound not working MSI H81M-P33 ALC 887

    Hi everyone i have a issue with my sound card i used the integrated Realtek ALC 887 of the msi h81m-p33 i have instaled it with multibeast but not work i'm on OSX high sierra