1. pBook

    Music workstation with dual monitors

    Hello everybody, First of all, thanks for this great community. I've been following this website for years but I rarely post something but now seems the right moment to ask for your advice. Within 2-3 weeks I want to buy my first Hackintosh. My configuration is mostly based on the Buyer's...
  2. tonybeatle

    ga-z87x-ud7 th no sound

    I'm not getting sound to work. I've install ALC898 and I've plugged my audio cable in all ports and still nothing. ga-z87x-ud7 th is my board. Not sure what I am doing wrong. thanks.
  3. asheenlevrai

    no more sound after 10.9.4 update

    [SOLVED] no more sound after 10.9.4 update Hello, Since my system was pretty stable I recently kind of lost track of all the updates in the hackintosh community. I bet my problem is thus quite easy to solve. Sorry if my question seems stupid. I was running 10.9.3 on a system composed of...
  4. NickMrg

    Compatible firewire card?

    Hey guys! I'm planning to buy a new firewire audio interface, probably Motu 828 MK3, and i wanted to plug it in via firewire. The problem is that my motherboard (Z87X-UD3H) doesn't have firewire port. What do you suggest me to do? I have already read about StarTech (too expensive) and for Syba...
  5. jodorowsky

    ALC 887/888B GA-H81M-H No Sound

    I'm having trouble getting sound to work on the GA-H81M-H v1.1 board. I've seen another post that reported success, so I am slightly concerned my motherboard is defective. I installed the sound drivers with Multibeast 6.1 (due to an issue with sound disappearing after sleep in 6.3), with the...
  6. UnKnown1134444

    Bit of a newbie, can't get audio on Gigabyte Z87-HD3

    I have tried using multibeast, tried with and without dstd and ticked the "1150" box, rebooted and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Speakers are not showing up.
  7. j0moi

    Sound assertion in appleHDACodecGeneric at line... Kernal panic stuff HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm a bit of a noob in this and have gotten myself into a bit of trouble, after changing the smbios.plist to change from Mac Pro image 3.1 to Mac Pro 5.1, I rebooted... However I never returned back to my mavericks, instead I got a kernal panic, completely stuffing me up. Below is a...
  8. poornaonline

    Asus P8Z77 V Sound is not working

    I installed OS X Mavericks and My motherboard is Asus P8Z77 V . I tried Multibeast sound options but Its not working
  9. poornaonline

    Overclocks and Sound

    Guys, I managed to install OS X Mavericks correctly on my system. Thanks all the people for helping me that :), anyway now I've several problems. 1. My sound is not working, I tried to install drivers from multibeast several times, but it's not working (Asus p8z77 V onboard sound) 2. My Wi-Fi...
  10. dougoftheabaci

    WD greens or reds for internal storage?

    I'm planning on getting three 4TB drives for storage and I'm trying to decide between Western Digital Reds and Greens. My two biggest concerns are power efficiency, both idle an when in use, and noise. My build is very quiet and I'd like to limit how much more noise is added. My case is a...
  11. mvenom101

    [Help!] Crackly, janky Audio on OSX Mavericks, Sabertooth x79, i7 4930k, GTX 780 - on USB audio AND

    Hi guys, So literally everything in my build works as planned except for audio, its the last bloody ich that can't be scratched and I feel that i'm at the limits of my knowledge to fix it, beyond trial and error, of which i've actually done days of attempts. The system i'm running my...
  12. nytr0

    Enable HP Envy TouchSmart 15t-j000 Beats Audio

    Ok..I have an HP Envy 15t-j000 touchsmart quad edition laptop with Beats Audio. I am able to listen to sound natively using the AppleHDA kext. My problem is that i am able to listen to sound through the two bottom speakers but my two built-in top speakers and subwoofer do not work. I have...
  13. marcussmith2626

    Audio Distortion in Garageband

    I am using osx mavericks on my acer v3 772g Sound works fine normally but I encounter a problem when using garageband So I start using garageband and everything is fine - no problems with sound When I use the keyboard to start playing notes again no problems with the sound But after say 5...
  14. themisses

    Need a little help on a Sony vaio please.

    Hi everyone , Im new to the forum and very green to everything mac so be patient:). I have installed M,Lion on a Sony Vaio;4x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz ivy bridge,8gb memory, Kingston ssd formatted solely for hackintosh install... its a dual core but showed up as four in puppy...
  15. prodigy21

    audio performance degrades over time

    Hey everyone, I have a strange problem with my audio. In the beginning, when i start watching a video, everything is ok, but after a few minutes, the audio becomes muffled and static-y and is very noticeable. However, if I pause the video and wait for a few minutes, the sound is fine again...
  16. jonsantos378

    no safari and no sound

    My configuration: GA-Z87X-UD3H Intel Core i7-4770K SATA 6Gb/s 1TB HDD 32GB 1600 MHz DDR3 TP-Link PCI Express Wifi Adapter Corsair Carbide 500R Corsair 650 Watt Modular VT-D is enabled (grayed out), so I couldn't disable it. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my issues. I have no...
  17. fade55

    Inspiron 530s hdmi audio snow leopard 10.6.2

    Hey, im new to hackintosh and i need some help with setting up hdmi audio, i have a nvidia gt620 2gb graphics card 5gb of ram intel pentium e2140 @1.60 ghz. Please help :O it would be really appreciated :banghead: also my actual input sound wont work either, i have usb 2.0 speakers.
  18. HmJ

    CustoMac Pro: dis-activate internal audio and rely only on USB speakers?

    Hi all. Building a "CustoMac Pro" except for the cheaper motherboard Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H (from "CustoMac Budget ATX") and Intel Core i7-4771. No overclocking, aiming at stability. External GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660. Usage: heavy photography retouch and movies watching. I believe this system...
  19. chrische2

    Realtek ALC271x Mavericks

    has anyone got a working solution for alc271x in mavericks? i am on acer aspire 5745g, tried many options but couldnt get sound to work
  20. cyberzzz

    looking for dsdt file for msi h55m e33 with amd hd7770

    Hi there, I managed to get everything installed and everything seems fine after I ran multibeast without dsdt. The only thing not working is sound and my graphics card is is identified as Amd HD 7xxx 1024mb so I do not know if my graphics card is fully recognised. Can someone please help me with...