1. sm0nster

    Searching budget, well-proven working coffee lake motherboard with m2

    Hi everyone! I have one Hackintosh on High Sierra working flawless and I’m trying to build new one on Mojave, main parts are: - i5-8400 - MSI H310M PRO M2 - Intel iGPU UHD 630 (Correct me if I’m wrong but I think rest is irrelevant) But damn, I have nothing but issues with it: - sound is not...
  2. EnderFFX

    10.14.3 on Lenovo Yoga 730 15IKB FHD i5-8265 problems

    Hi, i am a complete newbie and so far I was quite lucky. I First tried Hackintosh on a 13" YOGA 730 and hit the jackpot by finding this thread and using the CLOVER from the Thread opener dragonflylee...
  3. thijsheijden

    Crackling noise Mojave hackintosh.

    Hi everyone, after completing my first hackintosh today and fixing my GPU's (vega 56) fan problem, I realized that the GPU kept flashing the power indicators on the side. When moving the mouse, scrolling or doing anything on the screen, the power indicators flash and make a crackling sound, the...
  4. Geolith

    Audio output seemingly OK, but no actual sound

    Mojave here. After the usual post-installation struggling with the ever-problematic SB X-Fi Titanium I was finally able to make it work with a modified VoodooHDA kext, with 5.1 sound and everything. But my joy lasted only for half an hour. After installing eqMac2 equalizer I lost the 5.1 sound...
  5. SelfPlayer

    2 little Problems

    1.Only one of my Monitors is working 2.Sound isn‘t working System:Asus H61M-C I3 Dual Core Some NVIDIA Card
  6. Romariorobby

    Can't Switching between headphone and speaker

    Here's my build : i7 8700K MSI Z370 PC PRO GTX 1060 Corsair carbide 275r sound is fine . but i can't switch between headphone and speaker so have to unplug one of them. theres any fix ? or its normal? i plug headphone in front panel of case and speaker on back.. thanks
  7. TheJMan36

    Audio Sometimes Not Working With VoodooHDA2.9.1?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone has had an issue with VoodooHDA.kext on Mojave where the menu bar sound icon is sometimes greyed out after booting? -This only happens maybe 1/5 times so it's inconsistent -Usually a shut down, reboot, or a hard shut down (holding power button on computer)...
  8. ryanze

    ALC269VC not working on W530 using AppleALC

    Hi everyone, I need help, been a week working on audio on my lenovo w530. been following AppleALC + Lilu guide with correct Layout-id for ALC269VC (dumped on Ubuntu) is between 6 or 40. i still can't see ALC269 on DPCIManager (both status or even PCI List): still no work. here's the output...
  9. N8261D

    Get New, more recent Apple Chime on boot

    Hi All. I have recently gotten my Optiplex 7010 100% working. I was wondering if there was a way to get the boot chime to sound during startup? I have seen several threads like this, but they all have it as an app that runs after login and it is the older sound, whereas I want the newer one. I...
  10. Istvans94

    gigabyte z170 g1 Sound problem

    Hi all I managed to install my Mac OS High Sierra on my pc (I didn't build it for hackintoshing but as far as I know its compatible pretty much everything) my problem is the sound . I don't have sound and I tried all kext files for sound. I mention that I am a noob at this. I have a gigabyte...
  11. b31k

    [Solved] Nvidia HDMI Audio not WORKING, Nvidia 1050ti, Nvidia 10xx

    Problem Reporting Description of HDMI audio problem I tried to hear my HDMI audio from my discrete card GTX 1050ti to my monitor LG ULTRA sharp 60Hz@4k, following this guide but it has not worked, someone could help me see what I do wrong, thank you. [my sound work great from mother board...
  12. abdellah2015

    After update to mojave in I lost sound :(

    hello My laptop : HP ProBook 650 G2 Core i5 6200U - 2.3 GHz CPU 15.6" - 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) RAM : 8 Go 256 Go SSD - SATA 6Gb-s Processeur graphique : Intel HD Graphics 520 ***** In sierra Everything was working withouth Wifi ; I used tp-link usb ( small one ) today I upload to Mojave ...
  13. Buchetka

    [solved] Lenovo Carbon X1 3rd gen - No sound in Mojave

    Hi. Awesome work on bringing OSX to Carbon, just one thing is not working in 10.14. (Clover install method) Sound. Everything else, including touchpad, camera... and such works like charm. I tried all the guides, ALC3232-kext, checked AppleHDA.kext presence on the installed system, by date it...
  14. buges

    No Interrupts Processed Message With PCI Soundcard

    Hi I have a lynx aes16 pci card installed in my system which works when it wants to! Sometimes it's fine and sometimes it just stops or digitally stutters, manually unloading and reloading the kext makes no difference and when i reboot i get the following message: >>>> Lynx.kExt: No...
  15. norwayRainyday

    [solved] How to disable internal microphone completely in Hackintosh?

    Hi I've used Mirone AppleHDA patcher 1.8 and now just wanna disable microphone via Clover/kext/cnofig.plist somehow. There should be a permanent way to disable it without losing sound of headphone/speaker.
  16. brianwong11031

    Some issue with AC97 Front Panel

    I cannot use ac97 to get sound output before. But I don't know why, after I force-reboot it for few times and boot up normally today, the front panel works! Who can tell me how can this happened? By the way, I've installed Voodoo HDA + Apple ALC before, but only Speakers, one line-out and HDMI...
  17. MrMarnic

    AppleALC ALC892 no sound

    Helo guys, I tried tried to enable the Audio on my laptop with the AppleALC. I installed the AppleALC.kext and the Lilu.kext in Clover/kexts/other and set the layout-id in Clover to 1. I also patched the dsdt with the IRQ patch. All audio devices are recognised but they make no sound. Only at...
  18. hyopwnz

    High Sierra install, sound works with VoodooHDA but not the back 3,5mmjack

    Hey guys, I have successfully managed to install High Sierra yesterday. I have installed VoodooHDA, graphics and ethernet kexts successfully, but unfortunately my back 3,5mm jack that I use for headphones + mic doesn't work. I need the mic working but I have already installed apps and I don't...
  19. brianwong11031

    Can I disable one selection of VooDoo HDA?

    I don't know why here are three hdmi output I can select. I just have 1 monitor connected to GPU and there is only 1 hdmi port on the GPU. So can I disable two of these three output? because there's only one output works. Thanks a lot for help. Brian