1. mrjoni

    How to Install in Sony Vaio VPCS111FM

    Hello to all, Staff is to install ML preferably in Sony Vaio VPCS111FM? If yes which follow the tutorial? Specifications: Processor 2.26 GHz Intel Core i5 430M Memory 4GB, 1066 MHz DDR3 Hard drive 500GB 5,400rpm Chipset Intel HM55 Graphics Intel Media Accelerator HD Wireless...
  2. pomjac09

    Zony Vaio Z (VPCZ21X9E) hackintosh possible?

    Hello Folks, I wish to hacintosh my Sony Vaio Z Laptop. These are my specs: Intel® Core™ i7-2620M, turbo Boost 2,70 - 3,40 RAM DDR3 8GB 1333Mhz 256 GB SSD (RAID 0) Intel® HD 3000 Many thanks in advance for all your help. Ivan
  3. HolyMacrel

    Sony Vaio E Series Audio help

    Hey guys, I've been using a near perfect install of 10.8.4 on my new VAIO for a couple of months now, but lately I've noticed a problem with the audio I'd really like to get resolved if possible, and I also have a question about my wifi problems. So, to start off, I'm using the last voodoo...
  4. barl0w

    Kernel Panic before Setup

    Hello - Installing Mountain Lion on a Sony VCG-LT16E (all-in-one) desktop, using a USB HDD formatted with UniBeast 10.8. I get the following errors when trying time and again (tried multiple combinations of arguments/troubleshooting), and am unable to get to the setup screen due to kernel...
  5. AnaktuvGod

    (Hackintonshable) Install Mountain Lion MAC OS X on Sony Vaio SVE14125CXW

    Hackintosh Project #11 TYPE: Sony VAIO E Series MODEL: SVE14125CXW VIDEO: Intel HD4000 PROCESSOR: Ivy Bridge Core i5-3210M 2.5GHz ETHERNET: Picked up as Realtek 8169 in UniBeast WIRELESS: Atheros WB225 ((AR9485 & AR3012 WiFi/Bluetooth combo) (Bluetooth detected on the card only))...
  6. francisceril

    ML support for Sony Vaio SVE1511mfxs?

    Hi, before I go on customizing my new purchased Sony laptop. Can Mountain Lion be installed on it with just few minor issues or of-course it'l be great if it works 100%. Here's my Specs. Sony Vaio SVE1511mfxs Intel i7-3612QM @ 2.1Ghz 8 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4000 1366x768 display Oh wait. I...
  7. vakatack

    Hackintosh only recognizes one DVD Drive?

    I have 2 Sony Optiarc DVD Drives (Same exact thing) but my Hackintosh only recognizes one for some reason.. Is there any way to fix this? The drive opens and everything but it doesn't read it.. Both work perfectly on windows so the problem is definitely with OS X.. Thanks in advance - Eric --I...
  8. Ventoplayer

    Error in installing mac os x 10.8.0 in SONY VAIO VPCCB15FG

    Installing mac os x 10.8.0 in SONY VAIO VPCCB15FG Error occurs when boot lion on sony vaio laptop with iBoot legacy 2.7.2 Please, Anyone Help Me to boot mac os x on sony vaio (VPCCB15FG) with no error, I try this coad also before boot from DVD : -v busratio=17 graphicsenabler=no I have...
  9. Skyavatar

    Hackintosh Sony Vaio VPCEB46FG

    Hi people This is my first thread so I am sorry if it's in the wrong section. I was wondering whether it is possible to Hackintosh my laptop which is a Sony Vaio VPCEB46FG. I don't care what version of Mac OS X it is. I just want to be able to run Xcode and other development tools. The...
  10. schischikowski

    Sony Vaio VPCF13L8E support?

    Hey Guys! Im new here and i just wanted to know if my Laptop is supporting the installation of Mountain Lion ^^ System: Sony Vaio VPCF13L8E Intel® PM55 Express Chip Intel® Core™ i5-480M // 2,66, Turbo Boost: 2,93 4GB RAM DDR3 SDRAM 1066 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 425M GPU 1GB Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  11. CyberWalrus

    [GUIDE] Mac OS 10.8 on Sony Vaio SA/SB/SE

    As a progression from my first guide/project with lion, this thread is for progress with installing mountain lion. Download pack v0.8.2 HERE: This is not for the inexperienced, or anyone who can’t work though problems by themselves, as you will no doubt encounter them. Please...