1. sejko

    is this hackable ... (sony)

    hey guys, i rly need your help is my comp hackable ? its a sony vaio js series (all in one ) desktop i run ubuntu linux but i want change to osx help pls :):evil:
  2. MangaAddict

    Resolution set at 1080p but the screen is zoomed in, with black bars all around.

    Hi, this is my first time trying Hackintosh, and I was able to install yosemite properly, and everything works fine. My monitor is a Sony tv, and even though I set my resolution to 1080p, the screen does not use the entire real estate. When I use over scan, I can't see the title bars or corners...
  3. saimond

    Install Yosemite Help!

    Hello I'm trying to install Mac Yosemite! however, always happens the same problem ... I can make the boot from the flash drive ... appears the gray screen with the Apple logo, appears below the logo, a bar for Loading ... after carrying around 20%, a black screen. this black screen does not do...
  4. kurtdawg

    help ! i have trying to install all versions of osx on my laptop with no luck.

    system specs: Sony Vaio vpceh15fd Intel i5 2410M Sandybridge Socket 988B Rpga AT 2.30 Ghz 64bit MMx,sse,sse2,see3,ssse3,sse4.1,sse4.2,em64t,vt-x,aes,avx Insyde h20 r0200z9 ver 3.5 ddr3 6 bytes dual intel hd graphics 3000 648 mhz sata 750 gig hd- (set aside 200 gig un partioned primary for osx)...
  5. wardbones

    Sony Vaio SFV14N13CXB

    I have a svf14n13cxb. Everything works great on the install with the kernel I modified (so long ago, I'm not sure how I did it). I believe it was the stock kernel from the Unibeast install. I definitely have to copy that kernel to /Volumes/newMac/System/Library/Kernels/kernel Then I unmount...
  6. evancloutier

    Help Installing on Sony VAIO SVF15A13CDB

    I'm looking at installing OS X Yosemite alongside Windows 8.1, in order to learn Swift and develop an iOS application. I'm new to the process of creating a hackintosh, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Here are my laptop specifications: Model #: SVF15A13CDB CPU: Intel Core i7 3667U @...
  7. thecreator

    Kindly help me choose multibeast settings for Sony Vaio VPCEH26EN, see full specs below

    I finished installing OSX 10.10 on my laptop, I chose some random options in drivers in multibeast my cpu fan is spinning so fast and became a hot blower literally. I will re-install OSX 10.10 on my laptop and dual boot with Win 8.1 Pro (fresh installation) Kindly help me setup my laptop. and...
  8. jccaleta

    Yosemite with Clover on Vaio SVE 144A2X1EP

    I've successfully installed Yosemite on Vaio SVE. , STEP 1: Download OS X Yosemite The full operating system is a free download for anyone who has purchased Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, or Mavericks. Download the Application from the Mac App Store using your Apple ID on any Mac...
  9. teshko

    Stuck at "Still waiting for root device" while boot Installation

    Stuck at "Still waiting for root device" while boot Installation Unibeast Plz someone Help me :-(. but I can boot Mavericks without any problem Here is my build. System Manufacturer : Sony Corporation System Model :- SVE1511MFXS BIOS Version/Date :- Insyde Corp. R0180E5, 4/24/2012 (Unlocked...
  10. outlastr

    Yosemite installation on Sony Vaio SVE1511P1EW

    hey guys, I'm trying to install OS X Yosemite on my Sony Vaio SVE1511P1EW laptop (specs:, but the installation always stops at [IOBluetoothHCIController][start]-- completed. I tried various boot flags, but it always stops...
  11. amnczt

    Sony Vaio SVF15A1Z2EB

    I want to install Mavericks on my Vaio SVF15A1Z2EB laptop. Specifications: CPU: Intel 3rd gen i7 3537U GPU: Intel HD 4000 and Nvidia GT 735M RAM: 8GB HDD: 1TB LAN: Realtek RTL8168 WIRELESS: BROADCOM BCM43xx AUDIO: REALTEK HD I need a full step-by-step tutorial for the instalation process if it...
  12. AdventureTime

    Cannot install OS X Mavericks on my Sony VAIO laptop.

    Hi, I am using a Sony VAIO CW26A laptop. I tried to install OS X, but all I can see is just a blank screen. I've used the GraphicsEnabler=No and tried using Yes. I even followed the instructions from these sites (
  13. Viversba

    Vaio SVE14117FLB

    Hello, It's my first time triyng to hackintosh my laptop, but following the steps, i got an error like: "memory allocation error this is a non recoverable error system halted", and i wanna know if my PC is compatible with hackintosh, this is my hardware: BIOS: InsydeH20 Rev 3.7 Model: Vaio...
  14. rubenve

    Stuck installing Mavericks on Sony Vaio SVF15328CXW

    I've been trying to install Mavericks on a Sony Vaio Fit laptop model number SVF15328CXW in the past few days. I first tried using UniBeast and then the Vanilla install guide both ending in the same result. I'm getting the dreaded BootCacheControl: Unable to open /var/db/Bootcache.playlist: 2 No...
  15. mrjoni

    Sony Vaio SVT15114CYS

    Hello, I have a Sony Vaio SVT15114CYS and would like to know if you have to install OS X Mavericks. thank you
  16. kiwihm

    [BlackScreen after boot Issue] Sony Vaio SVS13A25PLB

    Laptop Setup: i5-2310m 2.5Ghz Intel HD 4000 Chipset Intel HM77 6GB Ram 640 GB HD Screen: 13.3 1600x900 GPU: GeForce GT640M LE Ports: 2xUSB3 | 1XUSB | 1HDMI | 1 VGA OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.4 *I have installed chimera 2.2.1 trought MultiBeast5.5.5 Installer, with FakeSMC and...
  17. kiwihm

    [DSDT Issue] Sony Vaio SVS13A25PLB

    Hi, im not new doing hackintosh, but this is the first time i try to compile my own DSDT. Laptop Setup: i5-2310m 2.5Ghz Intel HD 4000 Chipset Intel HM77 6GB Ram 640 GB HD Screen: 13.3 1600x900 GPU: GeForce GT640M LE Ports: 2xUSB3 | 1XUSB | 1HDMI | 1 VGA Following a guide...
  18. techfreak


    My laptop hardware configuration is as follows: Processor Name Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Processor 2.30 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.90 GHz*1 Chipset Intel® HM65 Express Chipset Cache Memory 3 MB (L3 Cache) Main Memory Pre-installed/Max 4 GB (4 GB (SO-DIMM) x 1) DDR3 SDRAM*2 (upgradeable up...
  19. igor.m97

    Sony VAIO-problems =[

    Hello, I have Sony VAIO VPC-F23S1E. I've just installed drivers MAC OS x 10.9 using MultiBeast. I’m kind new in "mackintosh' stuff so I don't really know how to fix my problems. I would be grateful if someone helps me (in „the easy way"). Problems: 1.I could not connect to my wi-fi rounter, i...
  20. constantinos74

    Mavericks on Sony Vaio VGN-FW51JF/H

    Hi! I just made the installation of Mavericks OS on my Sony Vaio VGN-FW51JF/H with the instructions I found here and it was successfully. Thank you very much for the good work guys! I have some issues to solve and I need your help, please! The graphics are stretched because of the wide screen...