1. TreBass

    P55 Chipset common problems and solutions

    Hello! It is not the first time I've been experimenting with my hackintosh and often I encounter constant problems, which sometimes have to be looked for in a very long time. I believe that these solutions are suitable not only for this motherboard model, but for everyone who has this chipset...
  2. osama10922

    HZ600 Graphics & Network Drivers Issue in Sierra 10.12.3

    I've successfully installed MAC OS Sierra (Mac Pro 5,1) Hackintosh on my PC with following specs. 1. HPZ600 PC 2. Intel 6 Core Xeon X5660 Processor (2 Pro) 3. nVIDIA 8600 GT Graphics Card 4.Dont know about audio and Ethernet Specs But Audio, Network and Graphics drivers aren't working on my PC...
  3. slim.jim

    Solving NVIDIA Driver Install & Loading Problems

    ---------------------------- As of the 10.10.5 driver there are no longer the checks in the distribution file for system profile and if the hardware is installed. It only checks for the OS X build number. This makes problems 1 and 3 obsolete. ---------------------------- This is a guide to help...
  4. appleiscool

    (Suggestion) Community bug tracking system. e.g. Probook 4x30s + 10.8.x

    Is there some sort of community managed bug tracking system, and related solutions wiki. Have just read about the 10.8.x update and people having issues with their respective hardware. I thought this would make it easy for anyone to lookup and cross check things and hopefully make better use...