1. TreBass

    P55 Chipset common problems and solutions

    Hello! It is not the first time I've been experimenting with my hackintosh and often I encounter constant problems, which sometimes have to be looked for in a very long time. I believe that these solutions are suitable not only for this motherboard model, but for everyone who has this chipset...
  2. slim.jim

    Solving NVIDIA Driver Install & Loading Problems

    ---------------------------- As of the 10.10.5 driver there are no longer the checks in the distribution file for system profile and if the hardware is installed. It only checks for the OS X build number. This makes problems 1 and 3 obsolete. ---------------------------- This is a guide to help...
  3. appleiscool

    (Suggestion) Community bug tracking system. e.g. Probook 4x30s + 10.8.x

    Is there some sort of community managed bug tracking system, and related solutions wiki. Have just read about the 10.8.x update and people having issues with their respective hardware. I thought this would make it easy for anyone to lookup and cross check things and hopefully make better use...