1. tekkrotzzen

    Bluetooth Audio not working Mojave

    Hello. My Bluetooth devices are showing up using an USB Dongle. After i click connect on my Speakers/Headset it connects and then disconnects. I also cant find my bluetooth device in audio sound settings.. kext for lilu and appleALC are installed so far. thanks for your advice.. regards tekkrotzzen
  2. russkev

    Temporary Solution Concerning Mojave Graphics

    So I have been having issues in troubleshooting my main Hackintosh computer and encountered various issues concerning my Gigabyte 1060 Windforce 6GB graphics cards due to driver issues and compatibility. The symptoms would be when opening multiple tabs in any web browser it would pixelate...
  3. weplay00

    Crackling audio and no sound after sleep

    Hey guys I have an almost perfect hackintosh machine up and running, except one thing that is really annoying me. Basically I have and externally powered speaker connected via jack to my computer. When I don't play any sound for a bit the speakers start crackling and popping... like static, a...
  4. walaw

    Forced to "install high sierra" - can´t download full installer for USB-install?

    I tried to download High Sierra via AppStore on my old build to create a fresh USB-Install-stick for my new build - but what I get is a window, where I have to press "Continue" (to set up the installation of macOS High Sierra) and then "Agree to the terms" and select the Harddrive where I want...
  5. muk546

    Nvidia Web Drivers High Sierra (my solution)

    I had quite a bit of trouble getting the web drivers to work this time around heres what I ultimately had to do: Install web drivers (lastest version here) Install all three of these helper kexts (you may not need them all I need the ones in bold because I'm using system definition 12,2 so...
  6. iByteYourApple

    How to get WIFI on a H97N-WIFI Hackintosh?

    What would I need to buy and how would I set it up? :) Thanks!
  7. defender4mac

    Solution after installing Customac package in Sierra OS 10.12.1

    After installing the CustoMac package, the system breaks, Can not boot again. This is what I did, Firstly, I have another Mac Operating system in another drive. so I boot with it to desktop. open the terminal app and enter the following commands. Also you can choose the mount the drive using...
  8. en2ec

    B75M-D3P upgraded to El Capitan (finally!)

    My system: i5 3570K Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P 16 GB DDR3 RAM 3 SSD drives (1 for El Capitan, 1 for Win10, and an older one with Mountain Lion) 2 1 TB storage drives in RAID configuration 1 500 GB drive with an even earlier OSX on it I thought I'd share my experience in case someone else goes...
  9. manob

    Windows and Yosemite dual boot installation Time problem...

    Hello tonymacx86 user. I successfully install Windows 8.1 x64 and Yosemite 10.10.5 but i am facing a funny problem. That is Time problem. My windows and Yosemite different but timezone and date all are same. The main problem is when i adjust time on windows Yosemite time changed or i adjust time...
  10. AGuyWhoIsBored

    OSX El Capitan - Tips for fixing Intel USB

    Hi all, this is a post of tips on how to get Intel USB working on El Capitan after Apple rewrote the USB drivers (or at least things I learned that allowed me to fix my USB, see here: OSX El Capitan - USB Issues) There's also a guide to fixing USB written by RehabMan here: [Guide] 10.11+ USB...
  11. Indrajit

    How to boot my Hackintosh like a real macbook pro or air retina?

    How to boot my Hackintosh like a real macbook pro or air retina? Please if anyone knows help!!!!!!!! With the black screen and white apple logo and also my apple boot logo is stretched searched a lot but did not find any solution.
  12. M4rc0k

    Boot problem after updating Chameleon

    Hello to all HackFriend! My name is Marco and i'm Italian! :D I'm new in this forum and in the Hackintosh World in general. I donw 3 or 4 installation of Yosemite following your guide in this Forum and finally in the day of Saturday i was be able to use all the function that Mac Os X have...
  13. manusapo

    Z77-UP4-TH NO SOUND (SOLVED, sort of... )

    Many of us who had a UP4 were wondering how to get sound back on Mavericks. I found that my best solution so far is to put a USB dongle. I bought the : Terratec Aureon Dual USB And it works perfectly...
  14. WildRussian

    WiFi Solution Advice

    Hi all, after more than 10 years without a Mac, I'm ready to build my first Hackintosh. Because the budget, the build seems to be a little poor - but it's all I can invest at a time. The list of planned components looks as: Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H motherboard i3 4330 Box Processor with bundled...
  15. Ko3eCuPeHe

    PCI problem with B75 chipset

    Hi ! I recently build hackintosh ML 10.8.2 with Asrock B75 Pro3+3770 (hd4000) and everything works fine, except the PCI with FireWire TI (TSB43AB22A) on it. I saw many articles about the pci native support on B75 but no solution. So.. is there any way to make this PCI working with my FW card ...