snow leopard

  1. lgoff24

    New build help needed to finish off

    Hoping that someone with some more experience can help. I've managed to build and install snow leopard :) However currently it will only boot from an iboot disc. Have tried to install the snow leopard update to 10.6.8 and use mutibeast to finish the system off but although it all installs fine...
  2. Vmart

    Does anyone have a DSDT for Hp Elitebook 8460 that works with Snow Leopard?

    I have been trying to install Snow Leopard on my Elitebook 8460p but have been having a lot of trouble. Could someone help direct me through the process? Would be much appreciated. Also would it be any easier if i tried to install a newer OS X rather than have to update? Thanks.
  3. drgross

    Bootloader not showing HDD

    Hi, after I got SL to boot with iBoot Legacy (the only one that worked) I installed it on the HDD. After the installation was finished I inserted iBoot again but it was not showing my HDD with the installed SL. Same with normal iBoot and Chameleon. Any ideas what the problem is? Thank you in...
  4. singngbadger

    Asus p7p55d snow leopard install fail

    Hi all I'm new to this venture first time 'TRYING' to install Mac on PC. I'm using iBoot v3 and a retail version of Snow Leopard 10.6.3 I can get to the setup format and add a partition as per Tonymac guide BUT..... at around 18% left to install the machine crashes. Reboot with iBoot and its...
  5. drgross

    Kernel Extensions in backtrace

    EDIT: Soved! Just use iBoot Legacy, burn it on CD and simply boot with -v. Then wait a few minutes (ignore all the errors, it will boot) and it will work! ORIGINAL: Hi, I am new to Hackintosh and try to install Snow Leopard on my Laptop with iBoot Broadwell. I fixed my first Ethernet error by...
  6. LTdoms

    NEED HELP! Update Snow Leopard to El Capitan

    Hey guys, I've been a chump and haven't kept my computer up to date. Is it possible for me to update to El Capitan or at least Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard based on the specs I have? Would I need to buy new parts, etc? Currently running 10.6.8. Need to figure this out ASAP to get my phone...
  7. mosesjoseph

    Need Help with Installation of OS X Snow Leopard on MSI X48 Platinum LGA775

    I was able to complete the installation successfully from OS X Snowleopard Bootable DVD on my MSI X48 Platinum Motherboard, but when it asks me to reboot the system a kernel Panic starts appearing and the system stops responding. Is there something in the System Bios I need to setup. AHCI >...
  8. dmp1138

    Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Stuck at Still Waiting For Root Device

    I have a Dell E520 with 1GB of RAM, unplugged the cd-rw drive, and took out the modem, so it's only the NVidia 6150 grafx card and hard drive and DVD drive. Installing Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I'm trying to use iboot 2.7.2, and also tried 3.3, and I get stuck at "Still Waiting for Root Device"...
  9. mrmeister

    Snow Leopard rig for compatibility

    Hi guys, I do a lot of audio work, and it's often best for me to have a more up to date and powerful machine, but recently I've had the need to fall back on some software that is no longer supported in current versions of OS X (namely Kontakt 4). There must be a bug in kontakt 5 that stops...
  10. fabio1989

    Snow Leopard problem

    Hello i have a problem with boot. i have update 10.6.3 snow leopard with combo 10.6.8 and jet the hackintosh dont boot, its appear apple logo or the image i have post. i have tried with -v / -x ... dont work can you help me?
  11. feb289

    [Q]From Snow Leopard to El Capitan or Mavericks?

    Hey guys! Its been so long since I did a hackintosh. Approximately 2 years have passed since I used my hackintosh system and now I want to do it again with better hardware! My current specs right now are: Intel 4790k Asus H97M-Plus Avexir 2x8GB 1600Mhz Zotac GTX 970 Samsung 840 Evo 120GB...
  12. JulianDSmith

    iBoot will not boot - Gigabyte f13 bios GAEX58-UD5 X5690

    Hey, I'm having a bit of a nightmare trying to get Snow Leopard to even get to the install procedure on my machine (GAEX58-UD5, X5690, 2XFX5600, 12GB Corsair DDR3, 2xHitachi Deskstar drives) - have had SL installed don this machine while running previous bios versions with a genuine i7920CPU -...
  13. jethrow

    iBoot Snow Leopard installation gets stuck on apple logo

    Hi, I'm trying to install Snow Leopard onto my PC. I've set it to ACHI mode in BIOS and everything but when it loads the Snow Leopard DVD it just gets stuck on the Apple logo screen. I've tried typing in '-x', 'PCIRootUID=1', 'GraphicsEnabler=No' with no luck. My system model is MS-7817 and...
  14. anonimoculto

    [Success] Yosemite on Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L + Nvidia GTS250

    After laborious work, I´m grateful in announce my success install of Yosemite Hackintosh on Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L + Nvidia GTS250. I have already posted something about the construction in previous Threads as long as the problems I fought, and the final problem I declared I was fighting with...
  15. bendrums87

    [Solved] Snow leopard initial boot problem

    I am a very noob on the build side.. I'm sure this is a "process" problem that I am doing but I can't figure it out.. Here's my hardware.. Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK Intel Core i5-4590 Western Digital 1TB hard drive TP Link TL WDN4800 wifi card Gigabyte GTX 760 4GB I can boot up...
  16. thedrumdoctor

    Snow Leopard to Mavericks upgrade stalled at MultiBeast

    I don’t think I’ve had so much ‘fun’ since wrestling with an old IBM AS400 – but that’s another book of stories… One of the guys at work got somebody to build him a Hackintosh with the following specs: Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R CPU: Intel Q6600 Graphics: original one died and owner...
  17. anonimoculto

    UniBeast 5.2.0 Install clear my setup data and does not boot. GA-G31-ES2L + NVIDIA GTS250

    HI Guys. Sorry about my english, but i have another mother language. I´m new in hackintoshing, but could made a successfully retail installation of Snow Leopard on a Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L, bios FG, with 4Gb ram, 2 dvds and 3 hds installed (all IDE ports used). I have a Nvidia GEForce GTS250...
  18. hitz2000

    10.6.3 Apple Logo stuck on install

    I am using iBoot 3.3 and was able to press f5 and saw the MAC OS X DVD icon pop up. I hit enter and a few seconds later the Apple logo screen popped up and is now stuck on that. Am I using the right version of iBoot and/or do I need to enter any commands? If so, how? Specs: Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4...
  19. romaneluru

    Migrating from dead efix need help with legacy rig

    Hi there, my name is Roman. I started this tread cause i have this rig config with a Intel dx58so, an i7 920 and nvidia graphics. This rig was running with a efix v1.1 that decided to die. I have an unpatched snow leopard 10.6.8 installed on a Disk and i want to know if there is a method for...
  20. angsax

    Multibeast ga-h81m-ds2v

    ga-h81m-ds2v MB G3258 processoriboot Haswell works great Snow leopard install goes great After Multibeast - Snow Leopard won't boot and no error messages Continues to boot with iboot Haswell Appears that Multibeast is not creating the boot files on the HD?