snow leopard retail

  1. anugnug

    Installation Snow Leopard on Dell 1420

    Dear all, please help... I want to install hackintosh using retail Snow Leopard. I am using Iboot 3.3.0 from tonymac but I got a problem. My specs: Core 2 Duo Processor 2.5 GB RAM X3100 Video Card Broadcom Wifi My problem is when i try to install using Iboot, i got error "nvram error getting...
  2. DentrassiBBQ

    Client vs. Server

    For installation purposes, does it matter whether the SL disc is server or not? I've noticed that the price of an install DVD for the server edition is now less than for normal desktop installs on eBay.
  3. bolla146

    HELP!!! Screen splits up in 4 smaller screens that are like to ichother

    i am runing it on a HP Compaq 6910p with a intel duo core 2 pro 2,5 Ghz and 4 Gb of ram it works and and it finds all the drivers for the ethernet and everything else but the screen is splitet in 4 smaller screens that shows the same:crazy::?: Please Help Me!!! :)
  4. RocketMusic

    Stuck On Apple Logo Installation Boot

    When I insert iBoot into my laptop than I insert the the Mac OS X Snow Leopard and it gets stuck on the apple logo. Hp Dv6 entertainment pc •500gb of memory •4gb of ram •Intel Core i3 •2.40 ghz. •Windows 7 home premium PLEASE HELP!
  5. theliontamer

    hackintosh on a gigabyte h55 ud3h core i3 540 intel graphics

    is it possible to install hackintosh on a gigabyte h55 ud3h with core i3 540 using the built in graphics? if so how???????? i keep getting stuck on a white loading screen with a no entry sign over the apple logo. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. fredz0004

    Where to buy Mac OS X dvd or USB?

    Ok so I finally decided is time to own a mac because I am getting in the app business and Windows SDK ain't cutting it anymore, I need the real Iphone SDK on Mac. So I am going with the customMac build list trying to keep it low budget for now it comes to $330, I already have a HDD at home so I...
  7. jmaxdp

    Installing Snow Leopard on ASUS P8 H77-M PRO HELP!!!!!!

    ASUS P8 H77-M Pro - Motherboard i7 3770K Intel - Proccessor 8GB DDR3 RAM x 4 (i cant take three out but that puts me at 8GB still) PNY Nividia 210 (Terrible video card) I am using the iBoot + MultiBeast method I have a retail DVD of Snow Leopard I can't get past the chimera boot screen it show...