1. thisguyiknow

    Someone please tell me why 10.6.8 won't work with HD3000 GPU

    Intel dq77kb thin mini itx It seems to be the clear consensus that getting HD3000 to work in Snow Leopard is some 'holy grail' of impossibility. I just cannot understand why--- I have read in numerous threads in a variety of forums (this one, insanely etc...) that Intel HD3000 graphics are...
  2. Fred321123

    Intel HD 3000 Not Working

    I have been using Mountain Lion perfectly, but When I upgraded to Mavericks, my GPU just don't work! I tried to use a different System Identifier (as MacMini / MacPro) and nothing worked, tried to use Clover instead of chameleon but nothing. I don't know what to do, the problem is on...