1. larsras

    Change to Clover was one step back (iCloud)

    Hi After having used Yosemite for some time, installed with the Unibeast/Multibeast method, and only having the iMessage issue, i decided to re-install using Clover as various sources point to iMessage fix was easier then. Actually now it is also icloud that is not working. Not very usable...
  2. jaymonkey

    How to Fix iMessage

    Guide: How to Fix iMessage Version 2.1 OSX & AppleID Configuration Version 1.0 - Public Release: 30th September 2013 Version 2.0 - Public Release: 25th February 2015 Version 2.1 - Reformatted for new site framework: May 2017 More Info iMessage Status: GREEN (iMessage is working with...