1. khora02

    How do I know what SMBIOS to choose?

    Can someone give me a briefing on which SMBIOS to choose. Currently my SMBIOS is that of an Early 2008 iMac however, I am now not able to download Sierra and I would like to. How can I configure an SMBIOS that I know will work for my Hackintosh?
  2. Gregson

    Very Long booting process

    Hello fellow hackintoshers. I have recently assembled my brand new hackintosh with following hardware: ⁃ GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 ti 6GB ⁃ CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K 4.0 GHz (overclocked to 4.6Ghz) ⁃ RAM: 16 GB (2400 MHz) ⁃ MOBO: Asus Z170-A - SSD: 250 Gb Samsung 850 Evo The system is...
  3. Muffin87

    SMBIOS change not recognized at

    I originally set up my lenovo y50 with El capitan using the wrong SMBIOS. When I noticed, I changed SMBIOS in the plist, and also added a corresponding Hardware UUID. The change shows up in Clover-->Options-->Smbios, and in El Capitan in system profiler. After the change, however...
  4. ben9923

    Native Power Management + SMBIOS Configuration

    Hi, I've been waiting for an 'easy' way to set a MacBook Pro 2016 SMBIOS, and a Clover Configurator update was just released with such support. I have a question, and after that I would probably need help configuring the Native Power Management (I read the guides of course, but I always find...
  5. Kn1ght

    Can't Modify SMBIOS [Solved]

    Specs: Intel Core i7-4770K EVGA Geforce GTX 980 SC Gigabyte Z97-HD3 be quiet! Pure Rock 3 EVGA SUPERNOVA 850 G2 The story I currently have the latest version of macOS Sierra installed. Everything works properly and the only thing currently installed is Clover and nVIDIA Web Drivers. I...
  6. Ozgur

    iCloud account locked and reset password. Again and again...

    Hello, I've been having a very worrisome problem ever since I upgraded my OS to mac Sierra. So far 4 times out of 20-30 logins to my OS a security warning pops up saying that my icloud account has been locked for security reason and asking me to change my password. (I'm running out of new...
  7. SloppyClamPizza

    Can't Boot After Changed System Definition

    Hi all, So after recently doing an update to Sierra I decided I wanted to try to get iMessage working (a feature I never really bothered with). I looked through the guides and followed the process of updating my system definition correctly for this to work (selected the correct build, made sure...
  8. sheikhhridoy

    iMessage and FaceTime fix for macOS Sierra?

    Okay I'm using macOS Sierra. I have done everything (changed smbios, rt varibles) in the config file with clover configurator according to tonymac86 imessage fix with clover instructions. Now iCloud works fine after changing them. But imessage and FaceTime still shows error signing in with a...
  9. jonathanpaulpano

    Does Sierra support LGA 775 + Wolfdale E8400

    If it does, what SMBIOS should I put in my hack? I'm running the same set up since ML up to EC using MacPro 3,1 SMBIOS. Can you give me links on how to install Sierra on unsupported LGA 775 like mine? This thread is so messed up.
  10. Hollylotus

    El Capitan running well, but SMBIOS says 2008 mac pro

    Hi all, I have managed to make my build fully functional a couple months ago, I absolutely love it and use it everyday, however, one last thing has been bugging me: my "about this mac" section says I have an early 2008 mac pro. Could this be a problem in the short or long term? Should I...
  11. davidmacx

    I need a SMBIOS

    I don't know which smbios use, when i try to use Final Cut everything goes so fraking laggy I have a Acer Aspire V -Intel Core i5 1.60 GHz with turbo boost to 2.6 GHz -Intel HD 4400 -4 GB DDR3 -15.6" screen Please help
  12. vineethp

    [Guide] How to configure your system's SMBIOS correctly?

    This guide is intended to be a quick and easy guide(with pictures) to correctly configure your system SMBIOS. Open Settings > Go to iCloud > Open Account Details. Click on the "Devices" tab. Remove unwanted devices if you have any. Click on Done. And Sign Out of your "iCloud" account...
  13. graphicsbeast

    Multiple SMBIOS versions for Skylake?

    Hello, I currently am running a working Skylake (6700K) El Capitan hackintosh with iMac 14,2 SMBIOS. After reading other posts it is apparent that a iMac 17,1 SMBIOS is best for skylake. I am using clover configurator to try to change my SMBIOS to iMac 17,1. In the second post on the following...
  14. Edian

    Random Kernel panic type 14=page fault HELP!!?

    Hi People on this forum, I installed the newest version of El Capitan(10.11.3) with Unibeast and Clover. Everything works very well. I also have installed the alternative Nvidia web drivers for my GTX970. But.. Sometimes i'm encountering a problem. Sometimes I randomly get kernel panics when...
  15. Peskyleo

    Hackintosh not using Clover

    I recently upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan, I didn't do a fresh installation OFC, but I installed 10.11 over Yosemite. Before upgrading I used Chimera or Chameleon as a boot loader, now I seem to be forced to use clover. El Capitan boots from the Unibeast USB with UEFI clover (boot without...
  16. Pikachu1161

    System Definition (SMBIOS) i5-4590, Intel HD 4600, GeForce GTX 960

    Hello, I am building a computer, and installing OS X El Capitan 10.11 this week. I have… Intel Core i5-4590 Asus Z97-E/USB 3.1 LGA 1150 Mobo 8GB DDR3-1600 RAM EVGA 430W Power Supply Edimax EW-7811Un Wifi Adaptor BitFenix Colossus Case I am getting… EVGA GTX 960 SuperSC 4GB IOGear Bluetooth 4.0...
  17. s2000tim

    Bluetooth only works when SMBIOS is set as Macbook Pro

    I hope this is the correct section, because this is not really an hardware issue. As the title says, I have a problem with Bluetooth when SMBIOS is not set as Macbook Pro via Clover Configurator. Usually there is a Bluetooth Symbol in System Preferences, but when I set my SMBIOS to iMac or...
  18. HenshinMedia

    Should I change my SMBIOS?

    Loaded just the defaults with Multibeast when I first built a running Yosemite. Wondering if it's now worth changing that and if anyone can recommend what I should be changing that to. Clover; El Capitan; Intel 4790K; GTX970; GA-z97x-UD7 TH
  19. kolyapatrik

    OS X System speed / Performance

    Overall OS X System speed / Performance Choose carefully what you install or not Hey guys, :wave: Tell the others, what you install on your system and what aren't. What is the latest stable boot loader? What are the stable kexts? What plugins or binaries used your system? ​What is the best...
  20. chanonly123

    SMBIOS not found

    Hello, I have successfully installed yosemite on intel pc with clover usb installer... then I installed Chameleon wizard Bootloader but it says while booting SMBIOS NOT FOUND... but it boots perfectly with clover USB installer drive... i also created a Extra/smbios.plist using chameleon wizard...