1. kavlos

    SMBIOS Version

    Hi everyone. Could someone give me some tips on the model number I should choose that would better match my system? I currently have 18.3 as it matches my processor speed and model, but I am not sure if that's the best one to have. Sorry for the rookie question!
  2. julianstealer

    WiFi doesn´t work, if I change the SMBIOS settings

    Hello, i want to change my SMBIOS from MacBook Air 5,2 to MacBook Pro 8,1. Yes, i know its easy by using the Clover Configurator... but I have the following problem:beachball:: After changing the product name my Wifi doesn´t work anymore. I thought it might work if I change the whitelist...
  3. Greenclock

    USB Failure. Changing SMBIOS from iMac10,1 to (iMac14,1 or iMac11,3)

    I'm hoping that someone can help me out with USB issues on my El Capitan system. I am trying to change the SMBIOS on my Hackintosh to enable the in-place upgrade to OSX Sierra. I constructed this system a couple of years back. I have a Dell Optiplex 780 using the latest version of clover to...
  4. andressribeiro

    Nvidia Web Driver - "System preferences" Interrupted restart.

    #smbios #intel #boot #erroSierra MB - Gigabyte Z170x - Designare Proc. Core I7 - 7700 - 3.6 Video EVGA - GTX 1050 Ti SC Sistema. Sierra 10.12.6 -------------------------------------- I am currently trying to activate the drivers Nnivia Web Driver (version 378. which is compatible...
  5. alinach

    Recovery HD MacPro5,1 TyMCEDriver Fix HELP

    Hey I recently wanted a fresh install of Sierra 10.12.6 and I did everything is working fine but my plan is to use File Vault thus I HAVE TO be able to boot on the Recovery Partition and because I'm using the MacPro 5,1 SMBIOS I need to either delete the AppleTyMCEDriver.kext or patch it with...
  6. Peripatetic

    SMBIOS changes never stick

    I'm trying to troubleshoot problems with signing into iCloud and getting Messages to work and I noticed that no matter the changes I make to SMBIOS and RT Variables in my config file in Clover Configurator, they don't transfer over and stay in About My Mac or show up in iMessageDebug. For...
  7. JCMunsonII

    18,3 SMBIOS

    Greetings! If there is a better place to discuss this, let me know and I'll re-post there. I'm interested in migrating (eventually, though sooner than later) to the 18,3 SMBIOS as I understand it has Kaby Lake support "defined." Though I haven't a clue as to what is in an SMBIOS (I'd love a...
  8. Picsu


    First of all, sorry for my english, i'm brazilian. so, i work with design in programs like Illustrator, Premiere, and others. So, i just get into the Mac world. But, i'm actually having some problems with the SO. I'm actually using the MacOS X Sierra 10.12.3. My config.: -ASUS Z97M-PLUS/BR...
  9. joeyd1988

    Mid-2017 SMBIOS Option

    So I have a Z170 build with a 7700k that is using a CPUID Spoof to function as 6700k and My SMBIOS is set as an iMac17,1. When setting up this machine in early May I read different users say that had greater stability with their Z170 board and i7 6700 by switching the SMBIOS from MacPro... to...
  10. trexjames

    Configure Correct SMBIOS

    I have a problem with my hackintosh when I leave it standing unattended for a short while (10-15minutes). If I come back to my machine it is a bit stuttery and takes about 30 seconds until it runs smoothly. I have "computer sleep" switched to never and my screen display turns off after 30...
  11. khora02

    [SOLVED] Which SMBIOS to install Sierra?

    Can someone direct me to which SMBIOS I could use for my build so I am able to download and install OS X Sierra? I'm currently running Mac 3,1 however, I'm told this Mac isn't compatible for OS X Sierra. Any help would be appreciated. CPU: Intel i5 4460 Quad Core GPU: Radeon R9 280 Mobo...
  12. icespiker

    New NVIDIA Web Driver release installation "failed" and broken PreferencePane (Pascal) on 10.12.4

    I checked for updates in the NVIDIA Driver Manager (while on *f01), downloaded the update and started the installation, which proceeded normally but after the verification step it failed. I tried clicking on the X button, then on the button to show the error log but nothing happened. I then...
  13. wlodekwolf1

    [Solved] SMBios configuration + serial number generating - need advice/help

    Hi! I have succesfully installed macOS Sierra 10.12.4 on my configuration: i7-4790K MSI Z97IGaming ACK (Killer E220x, Killer Wireless 1525) Geforce 960 GTX 2 GB 8GB RAM Goodram C40 120 gb SSD WD Blue 1TB Zalman ZM600-LX 600W Silentium PC Spartan PRO HE924 Fractal Design Node 304 Black Kingston...
  14. Thomazella

    iMac14,2 → iMac17,1: Share your thoughts

    Anyone has any personal experience to share where: you went from 14.2 to 17.1 because you thought "oh my skylake cpu will be at home there" and you saw tangible benefits? Examples could be: Better power management, no sleep issues, no issues in iCloud or iMessage, ease to overclock, stuff...
  15. steveharman

    [Solved] Any benefit to specifying RAM size & speed for Clover?

    hi, My system correctly displays the quantity and speed of its RAM in 'About This Mac'. Albeit System Report shows 4 banks when the motherboard only has two (so the two 'ghost banks' are empty). However I read an article recently which detailed how to tell Clover about the installed RAM...
  16. khora02

    How do I know what SMBIOS to choose?

    Can someone give me a briefing on which SMBIOS to choose. Currently my SMBIOS is that of an Early 2008 iMac however, I am now not able to download Sierra and I would like to. How can I configure an SMBIOS that I know will work for my Hackintosh?
  17. Gregson

    Very Long booting process

    Hello fellow hackintoshers. I have recently assembled my brand new hackintosh with following hardware: ⁃ GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 ti 6GB ⁃ CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K 4.0 GHz (overclocked to 4.6Ghz) ⁃ RAM: 16 GB (2400 MHz) ⁃ MOBO: Asus Z170-A - SSD: 250 Gb Samsung 850 Evo The system is...
  18. Muffin87

    SMBIOS change not recognized at

    I originally set up my lenovo y50 with El capitan using the wrong SMBIOS. When I noticed, I changed SMBIOS in the plist, and also added a corresponding Hardware UUID. The change shows up in Clover-->Options-->Smbios, and in El Capitan in system profiler. After the change, however...
  19. ben9923

    Native Power Management + SMBIOS Configuration

    Hi, I've been waiting for an 'easy' way to set a MacBook Pro 2016 SMBIOS, and a Clover Configurator update was just released with such support. I have a question, and after that I would probably need help configuring the Native Power Management (I read the guides of course, but I always find...
  20. Kn1ght

    Can't Modify SMBIOS [Solved]

    Specs: Intel Core i7-4770K EVGA Geforce GTX 980 SC Gigabyte Z97-HD3 be quiet! Pure Rock 3 EVGA SUPERNOVA 850 G2 The story I currently have the latest version of macOS Sierra installed. Everything works properly and the only thing currently installed is Clover and nVIDIA Web Drivers. I...