1. macattack88

    Help! Sierra Build Working for 4+ Yrs Suddenly Boots to Severe Screen Distortion

    TL;DR - Sierra Hackintosh system that has been working with no significant problems for the past 4 years suddenly started booting into a crazy broken screen: - Booting on Verbose: - The OS boots with nv_disable=1 - EFI attached below ----- Hi, I have a Sierra build that I have been using...
  2. 1337GameDev

    GenSMBios for MacPro7,1 invalid serial length generated

    I have tried to generate a serial for MacPro7,1 and every time the serial generated is the wrong length (not 11 or 12 characters). When validating on the apple check coverage site, it states it cannot be verified (not that it's not in use / invalid). This seems to imply the serial isn't...
  3. Reymundo911

    Monterey 12.2 - Clover Bootloader v5144 - Required firmware update could not be installed.

    Hi, so I tried doing a fresh install using a stable EFI (Tested on Mojave with updated drivers and kexts), but I am running into an issue during the installation of Monterey 12.2. I tried following the steps here for people using Clover...
  4. AndrewShostak

    Which smbios should I use?

    Hi everyone, I am using iMac18,1 smbios, but I think that is not the best solution. Which smbios you can suggest to me? my specifications: Laptop: Acer Swift 3 SF314-52 CPU: Intel core i3-7130U @ 2.70 GHz (Kaby Lake) GPU: Intel HD 620 RAM: 8.00 GB DDR4 SSD: 128 GB Sorry for my English :)
  5. RandomNumber

    Will OpenCore allow unsupported SMBIOS to work on Catalina

    Question is relative to my legacy EX58-UD3R with a Xeon 5650 rig. My best SMBIOS has always been MacPro 5,1. That was deemed unsupported in Catalina. I installed Catalina using Clover by switching to iMac14,2 SMBIOS. It works but does not function as well as MacPro 5,1 did. Especially in that...
  6. andreicr

    SMBIOS changes not taking effect

    I set up my Hackintosh (Catalina, Clover) yesterday, and I am trying to change its SMBIOS settings, to show a different model. I used the Clover Configurator and followed the instructions online, but even after restarting, it still shows 2013 model. Is there anything I can do to make the change...
  7. geoffoliver

    Possible to test drive a different SMBIOS?

    Can I swap my SMBIOS (on a thumb drive so I don't bork my machine, of course) without also needing to sign out of all the iCloud stuff, or is that not an option? I recently got a update on a post that I figured was dead, and I want to try out what the person suggested, which is switching my...
  8. gabevf

    MacPro7,1 SMBIOS on High Sierra

    Hi y'all, is it possible (or advisable) to do this? I'm currently running iMacPro1,1 on Clover + Lilu, w/ an x299 CPU and 3x Nvidia GPU's. Thanks!
  9. Graaanityy

    Booting into Big Sur Installer ends up in black screen

    Hey folks, due to the release of macOS Big Sur I created a USB installer by using createinstallmedia command. I followed Dortanias OpenCore Guide to create a good EFI and to get the right SSDTs, drivers and kexts I need. Even Sanity Checker says everything is OK. When I'm trying to boot into...
  10. felipeip

    RAM ERROR on SMBIOS 7.1 (Solved)

    Hello friends. Some months ago I am in Catalina 10.15 osx, everything flows perfect, I used the "Catalina Vanilla" method and everything is fine, I changed graphics to AMD with a Radeon VII because before I used "Nvidia GTX 980 ti" because since Mojave there is no Drive support update by Nvidia...
  11. Z0HAN

    [IGPU] Would somebody please patch a framebuffer for me? (Mojave)

    Hi, My Build i5-8400 UHD 630 Graphics ASUS PRIME B360M-A I recently installed macOS Mojave on my Hackintosh. I fixed many problems but I can't figure this one out at all. Integrated graphics isn't working (Shows 7MB). I read a lot about Framebuffer patching but it has driven me nuts. I will...
  12. power911

    << Solved >> SMBIOS - iMac19,1 RX580 dual display Catalina

    Hello! I've a question. Here is my hardware list: Intel Core i9-9900K, 3.6GHz, 16MB Asus ROG Z390 MAXIMUS XI CODE SSD Samsung 970 PRO 512GB PCIe x4 NVMe SSD Samsung 850 Pro sapphire Radeon RX 580 NITRO+ 8GB Noctua NH-D15 SeaSonic Prime Platinum 1300W Ballistix Ballistix Sport LT, DDR4, 32...
  13. anwarshah

    Can't use SMBIOS 18,2/18,3 though Hackintool suggests so

    Hi, I'm very new to this Hackintosh things (been using only 2 months) and the discovery is really amazing. I want to thanks all the devs, contributors of this forum without whom Hackintosh would not be possible. I've read some of the basic guides and slowly understanding the works. However, I...
  14. Stivenko

    Fix iMessage!

    Hi There, I just installed macOS High Sierra On My PC! Everything Works Except iMessage & FaceTime. (Even iCloud & App Store Are Working) I Have A Realtek RTL 8168 & A Wireless Adapter (TP-LINK WN822N). I have no cable connected to the ethernet and I'm using the wireless adapter. can someone...
  15. samanfield

    Smbios Mojave Nuc6i5syh

    I have successfully installed Mojave on my Intel Nuc6i5syh. My hardware: Nuc6i5syh 16GB Ram Seagate 500gb Evo 970 nvme m.2 Apple LED Cinema Display Clover EFI Partition Mojave AFPS Partition My system is running fine however I have selected smbios as iMac 14,2 so about my mac shows imac...
  16. Cottoncandy98

    SMBIOS in config.plist not showing correctly in About This Mac

    Hello! I installed high Sierra 10.13.6 to a internal ssd drive and I copied the EFI folder from usb stick into the ssd drive. In config.plist I chose MacBook Pro 15,1 but the system shows iMac 27inch late 2012. Would it be the reason why the frame buffer still is 7MB? Thanks in advance for help!
  17. cmc79

    Would updating SMBIOS help?

    Hi guys, I'm getting jittery playback on media since upgrading to Mojave (yes, I know I'm silly. I have a GTX 760 and I [now] know the drivers are sub-par and there are no web drivers). Since upgrading my kit (current specs as listed) there's no change in the jittery playback. Will soon be...
  18. Josejoram

    Does the install SMBIOS matter?

    I'm testing different system definitions with a High Sierra install. Would I have to reinstall the OS again with the SMBIOS that I want to test, or is it enough with just changing it on Clover and booting the same install?
  19. Josejoram

    How do I know power management is working correctly? + SMBIOS question

    Hi everyone. I have an ASUS 456, i7 6500u (skylake) & Intel HD520 with High Sierra. All the parts that should work are working, even things that "shouldn't" work like VGA. The only thing still puzzling me is the short battery life. I read on Rehabman's guide that if I have Skylake then PM just...
  20. brianwong11031

    Need Help With SMBIOS

    Which SMBIOS should I select? iMac or MacMini, which is better for my desktop pc? my cpu: intel core i5 2500k. thanks for advices.