1. 359

    High Sierra doesn't recognize SM951 (AHCI)

    I've been trying to update from Sierra to High Sierra for a while with little success. Initially I tried following the upgrade guide, which would get to the point of rebooting to complete the installation and the system would crash. Next I tried doing a fresh installation using an external USB...
  2. bidiman

    Topstar U931 Ultrabook Core I5-6200U - 128GB SM951 M. 2, PCIe NVMe

    Hi everybody, I just acquired a brand new ultrabook which look like a perfect traveller companion (Alu body) Available for order: on there you can select te hd, the CPU, ram and wifi chipset. be careful about the delay.. 1 month to get mine....... graphic: Intel HD Graphics 520...
  3. T-Wolf

    My Skylake Hackintosh...Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3/I7-6700K/GTX950???

    Hi Guys, In the last couple of months I have been reading a lot on the forum to prepare myself for my first Hackintosh build and also waiting for the Skylake support. I have no experience what soever with building a hackintosh so it's gonna be a challenge... My wish is to have a silent build...
  4. roryflip

    SAMSUNG SM951 (MZHPV128HDGM-00000) Limited read speed

    Hi all, I've installed a 128GB Samsung SM951 m.2 SSD into my system which claims to have r/w speeds of up to 2000/600MBps respectively. When testing this using Black Magic, the write speeds are true to the specifications, peaking at 620MBps, however the same can not be said for the read...
  5. atse2800

    Build advice for Hackintosh (VJing)

    Hello, It's my first hackintosh and : I would like to be sure having 100% compatible hardware. I do not know what motherboard to choose... I need a very fast storage system, so I think buying: 2x Samsung SM951 M.2 512GB (1x OS (Windows and MacOS), 1x Data) I need a very fast RAM system, so...
  6. dudenesspa

    Samsung SM951 on an older board

    I just bought an SM951 256GB PCIe SSD to replace my XP941. Previously, I had modded my bios to include the Samsung EFI module and I could boot from the XP941. No such luck with the SM951. However, the SM951 is write able in OS X. Anyone try this? Different EFI module needed in bios?