slow boot time

  1. iPilly

    Second boot screen slow load time

    Hey guys I need some help! hope I can find some here, OSX boots up fine but takes a while to get to login screen just hangs for a few mins could someone take a look at my boot.log file and help me in the right direction. Many thanks Pilly.
  2. ip.anuj

    Catalina on Samsung PCIe SSD, very slow boot time and overall slow hackintosh

    Hello everyone, I have been using Catalina build on my Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD for the past few months. Booting takes almost 2 minutes. In general opening application is also not instant. I have 16GB RAM and i7 7700 processor. When I compare this to my Mac Mini with PCIe based SSD, it feels...
  3. PacMan

    Solved > Booting Time - Dell Inspiron 7548

    Hello, I have updated to macOS Catalina 10.15.1 successfully but it takes more than a minute to boot to the system. Checking the output of the boot process the line AGDCC: Unauthorized client 'PerfPowerService'...
  4. wowena

    Mojave Boot Slow Boot or Reboot after use EFI's blouse

    Good Day THe EFI of "blouse" member are for Vega64, and mine are RX580 Nitro, The Boot and reboot (from clean installation) before I use that EFI is incredible fast (2-3...
  5. Andyapple

    TRIM Spaceman trim free blocks - SLOW Boot Time

    Hi, I am using Mojave on my Acer Laptop and Everything works fine. I have noticed that Boot is a bit slow (30 seconds); Booting in verboose mode with -v in clover, i have seen this text spaceman_trim_free_blocks:3327 scan took 10.378140 s, trims took 10.074028 So this process took 10 seconds...
  6. gk12345

    very slow boot time on Mojave

    hello everyone, i managed to install mojave on my asus ux303ub with i5 cpu by using an efi folder provided by the internet and now it takes 2 minutes to boot although i have an ssd. when i boot in verbose it is stuck in repeating the same lines for like 90 seconds and then it boots , any help...
  7. Vaultnaemsae

    Mojave 10.14.2 - Slow Boot / Warning and Failure Messages in Verbose Mode

    Hi forumites, Total noob here and my first post so please be gentle. I hope maybe somebody could point me in the right direction here I replaced my mid-2015's MacBook Pro Retina's OEM 500GB SSD with an EVO 970 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD a couple of months back while still on High Sierra. I used APFS...
  8. joncas

    Slow booting (more than 1 minute), apparently stuck with Blutooth Controller Transport problem

    Hello, I had an irritating problem that my computer which otherwise worked fine, took more than a minute to boot (both Sierra and High Sierra). To not waste someone's time, I edited-out the problem details which were inconclusive anyway, to post the solution instead: The problem was solved by...
  9. fiahaze5000


    Hello everyone, I need help! I hope to be in the right section. I just installed and correctly configure all my components on high sierra 10.13.3 everything is functional. The only problem is the boot length about 3-4 min with hdd. After a starting with verbose I diagnosed the problem. I have a...
  10. ilmarinen

    B75M-D3H + i7 2600 + Asus GF210 Mavericks very long boot time

    I have built a new customac with following configuration Gigabyte B75M-D3H i7 2600 Asus GF210 1GB And installed using Unibeast 3.0, setup with Multibeast 6.0 Everything works fine, except one thing: Its startup time is very long. It waits in spinner screen around 2 minutes, then...