1. valherru

    DNK-H - nice slim ITX case

    Has anyone tried this case?
  2. Pepperbox

    [Solved] Slim Slotload Optical Drive Issue - El Capitan / Skylake / Z170

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, so hopefully I do this right. Anyway, I just just got my first hackintosh up and running thanks to you guys, running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. After much lurking, I was able to get most of it working on my own, however, the solution to my optical drive...
  3. DubMusic

    Help Find A Mini ITX Case [Please Read]

    Hello I'm undergoing plans to build a Haswell Hackintosh ( Mini ITX ) although all the cases i see are two bulky and do not Support a GPU Please could you advice i've seen a custom Computer Company build their own case but for only for Fully Complete Systems I'm looking for something this style...
  4. lxzndr

    slim cases for use in tv cabinet

    slim case mATX recommendations? Looking for a slim case for HTPC/DVR for tv cabinet shelf size: 22 3/4" wide X 6 1/4" high X 18 1/4" deep shelf opening: 20" wide X 4 3/4" high X 18 1/4" deep would like case to fit through opening. So far I have found following choices: Silverstone ML03...