1. SiphoMandle

    Intel HD 530, Sidecar working, sleep not working, USB not fully working. Please help

    I've tried different ACPI fixes and boot options etc but cannot get my sleep to be fixed as well as my USB 3.1 gen 2 port. Using terminal and some pmset -g commands or whatever, I have deduced that it is probably the USB drivers that are causing the sleep wake issues, such as starting up...
  2. wowoowowo

    [Solved] When computer sleeps I cannot wake it up

    Hello, whenever my hackintosh starts sleeping I cannot wake it up via power button, keyboard or mouse
  3. jayjr1105

    New hack working great other than sleep

    Hi all, New hack built just today with some spare parts lying around. i5 4670 MSI H81M-E34 8GB DDR3 1600 R7 265 (recognized as 7850 I believe) Intel SSD System has been amazing so far. I have been able to overcome the missing audio hurdle but I'm confused on what might need done for sleep...
  4. justatourist


    Hello dear community! I'll try to keep things short - first post, first mackintosh build. Installation (10.12.4) went well so far - but: If I try to restart my hackintosh, the screen will stay black after restart, although the computer itself is running / restarting. (reproducible 90% of the...
  5. Squarq

    UX305UA Minor Glitches (graphic glitches, trackpad, sleep)

    I've got my laptop hackintosh'd w/ sierra but I've got some minor glitches still. There are two main ones, the graphics gltiching out and the trackpad options resetting. I've included my config.plist and dsdt's linked if anybody needs those. Graphics: So I've got Intel-HD520 inside, and...
  6. UnDeaDAmP

    [Solved] sleep Clover UEFI fans still run

    I had sleep and everything functioning fine before i switched system definitions a few times and ultimately went back to the classic Mac Pro 3,1. Now my sleep doesn't wanna work, any ideas? I'm on 10.10.2 Yosemite Clover uefi What is happening: Hackintosh sleeps the display...
  7. Mac_Daddy2012

    Sleep wake not working GA Z87M-D3H

    Hello all, I recently completed a build with the Buyer's Guide recommended GA Z87M-D3H main board and can not achieve working sleep wake. Installation of Mavericks went fine and I completed the multi beast driver installation but when I try to sleep the system stays awake and shuts down the...
  8. DevilisM

    P6T Deluxe Memory upgrade problem.

    Hi, After reading a few articles about the max. amount of ram that can be installed on the P6T Deluxe, I decided to upgrade from 3x2GB Corsair Platinum series 1333MHz to 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1600MHz. Installed it and system boots. However I have noticed some strange behavior like...